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Under the Net
The Sun is in Your Hands
Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This
God of Water
Bomb Feet?
Freezer Burn
Junk in the Trunk


Definitely save right now. It appears that Lan isn't completely done with the tournament. Have Lan jack into the CastNBNComp as instructed. LaserMan appears and confronts MegaMan, telling him about his DarkSoul. AquaMan/GutsMan, depending on either the Blue Moon/Red Sun cartridge, will come to the aid of MegaMan.
MegaMan's DarkSoul will enter AquaMan/GutsMan, so he'll have to face off against AquaManDS/GutsManDS. After MegaMan wins, the Hawk/Eagle tournament officially ends. But guess what? Something fun is in store for you...another tournament. Yay...
Another scene immediately takes place. MegaMan is interrupted from his reunion with his buddies and gets invited to the the Blue Moon/Red Sun Tournament. MegaMan will receive the Ticket KeyItem to attend the tournament. First, lets grab a few things. Head to Dex's house and jack into Dex's HP. Talk to the program on the inside of the center area. MegaMan will receive the DexBaner KeyItem. After receiving it, jack out and go find a program inside the Castillo HP that will also give MegaMan the CastlBnr KeyItem. You can also take this time to "mark" the BBS messages as "read" at Dex's HP, Yai's HP, and Castillo HP (by that I meant skim through them). But you can always read them too...
Done with that, so head to the Metroline and pick the DenArprt and then Netopia, as the next destination. As soon as Lan arrives, he'll receive an e-mail, so open it up. Head to the left, past the stairs, and talk to the guy there. Bonds will introduce himself and give Lan the NetPassp KeyItem.
Lan is instructed to go sightseeing. But before moving on, jack into the statue by Bonds. In the GoddessComp, there is a BMD containing Recov150 Z BattleChip. That's all in there, so jack out, head to the right, and up the stairs. Talk to the old guy there and he'll ask Lan if he wants to try out his Wowzer Box. Say yes and MegaMan faces off against two Walla viruses and one GaiaEX virus. He couldn't have said it better himself, "Wowzers!" Talk to the lady above the old guy and say yes to her 1000 Zennys chocolate; however, if you keep saying no...she might just drop her price. But how far can Lan haggle?
Back down the stairs, to the right, and into the alley. Lan will be in the ColosseumAve portion of Netopia. There's a 10 BattleChip Trader on the far left, by the bottom of the stairs. Feel free to put some chips in. Remember, 99 of one type of chip is the max. I had about...70 or so Guard A BattleChips. If you examine the statue at the top of the stairs, you'll discover that you can jack in. So go do that. Inside the HeroComp, you'll find a BMD, on the right, containing an ExpMemry PowerUp. Your Navi Customizing box should now have another column.
Jack out and head to the right. Talk to the scientist to purchase an Unlocker SubChip. I mean why not, good to have if you come across a PMD. Anyways, return to Bonds and talk to him. Lan gets kidnapped, since this is what happens when you let a sixth grader leave the country on his own. New mission, time to find the four KeyData fragments in the Netopia Area. When you regain control, examine the statue. Lan will automatically jack in MegaMan. You won't get lost in the Hotel HP, so then talk to the program behind the Battle BBS board (you can read it if you like) for a HotelPCd KeyItem. Leave the area via the warp.
MegaMan is now in the Netopia Area (...use the maps). First, head to the left past the platform going up. Head up from there for a BMD containing a HP Memry PowerUp. Go back down, straight down, to the KeyDataD KeyItem. MegaMan will have to fight against two ShrimpyEX viruses and one BoomerEX virus. Head back up and onto the platform leading to the upper level. Just follow the path to the yellow exit/entrance for the KeyDataA KeyItem, but first, a battle against one MagTectEX virus and two VolGearEX viruses. After the battle, head all the way back down the platform. Make a right and follow that path. To the top right of that spot, there's a Net Dealer. I was able to purchase 3 HP Memry PowerUps. Towards the bottom, near the exit/entrance, there's the KeyDataC KeyItem. A battle between two LarkEX viruses and one MagTectEX virus. Now go back all the way to the platform surrounding the warp to the Hotel HP. From there, take the right path, you should see the KeyDataB KeyItem and fight against two BillyEX viruses and a BoomerEX virus. After you have all four pieces of the KeyData, jack out.
Lan's been deceived. His traumatic experience was just a set up to test him for the Blue Moon/Red Sun Tournament. Obviously, to destroy the asteroid, they need the best of the best of the best. Before you head to the Coliseum, why not do a little exploring. We'll call it, pre-tournament side trips.
Head in the direction where the KeyDataA KeyItem was. Follow the path to the Sharo Area. Be sure you have a few Untrap SubChips. Remember to turn one on when you're in the new areas. When you avoid viruses, the GMDs tend to be a lot better than they usually are. Head left and enter the third ramp that leads to the left. Grab the BMD for an HP Memry PowerUp. Don't open the gate next to you just yet...I will get to that shortly, but feel free to explore the rest of Sharo Area for any GMDs. Return to Netopia Area.
This time, head to the bottom exit of Netopia Area to reach YumLand Area. Head all the way to the right for a BMD containing RegUP2 PowerUp. There's nothing else here, so feel free to explore the area for GMDs. Return to Netopia Area. This time, head to the top right exit/entrance.
This is the NetFricaArea. Head up and to the right. You should see a BMD in clear sight. Head towards it and open it for a Barr100 W BattleChip. That's it for now...time to address a something that you've might of noticed before...


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