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Under the Net
The Sun is in Your Hands
Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This
God of Water
Bomb Feet?
Freezer Burn
Junk in the Trunk

Dark ProtoMan

Your opponent is ProtoMan, and apparently he's also been consumed by the DarkSoul. Then, Lan will get a phone call from Chaud, so head to the Guest Rm. Poor little Chaud is sitting on the bed sulking. ProtoMan is strapped in at the end of Undernet5. So, from Netopia Area, head to NetFrica Area, then Sharo Area, and to Undernet1. But first, turn on an Untrap SubChip. As soon as MegaMan gets to Sharo Area, Lan will get an e-mail from Chaud telling him that ProtoMan is in the Undernet, but we clearly know that already.
This time, pressing 'L' will initiate a conversation between MegaMan and Chaud as opposed to MegaMan and Lan. In Undernet1, head to the top left, then straight to the bottom. Make a right at the fork and take the lower platform. Keep going straight and into the warp at the bottom.
Upon coming out of the warp, there will be a door blocking the way. This one says, "Get hold of RedKey." Chaud will say that the key is hidden in the middle of four bones. So, go back into the warp. This time, go left and just head straight, and then search in the middle of the four bones. If in the right place, MegaMan will receive the RedKey KeyItem. No, go back to the door and open it. Keep going to the next area.
In Undernet2 just head straight up, past the moving platform. Follow the path down the ramp, past the moving platform on the other side. Just follow the path all the way to the top without going on any moving platforms. Follow it to the door. This time, MegaMan will need two keys: a BlueKey and a GreenKey. Chaud says the first key is in the right corner square.
So just head to the square platform on your left, the furthest one away. Not the one on the right from where you are. I think that's why the BMD that use to be in the area (if you've already gotten it) is off-center. Check the right corner for the BlueKey KeyItem.
This is where the GreenKey is. If you haven't already figured it out, it's where a moving platform is. So head to where the two moving platforms are.
Just examine a spot in that small area. I guess this game just allows you to examine things in big spots. Maybe that explains the off-center BMD. MegaMan will receive the GreenKey KeyItem if done successfully. So, go back and open the door.
For Undernet3, just go straight forward. At the fork, you can go either left or right, doesn't matter. Just find your way into the center warp. After going into three warps (including the first one), just keep going left into another warp. This time, MegaMan needs three keys: a YelowKey, a WhiteKey, and a BlackKey. Chaud says fifth bone of nine bones. There's only one spot in the area with nine bones, which is on the far far far right.
Just find your way back to the center warp. After you get back to the center of the area, just find your way to the far right. Just spam 'A' when you get around the fifth panel. MegaMan will receive the YelowKey KeyItem.
The next one is in a corner of six bones. This time, there are two spots with six bones. They're both on the left of the center warp. So make your way back to the center.
Obviously, it can't be the path where the BMD use to be. The programming in this game doesn't allow two things to be one spot. So, head to the other platform and examine the bottom left corner. MegaMan will receive the WhiteKey KeyItem.
So the next key is by two warp points. This game like to make it hard on you, so it can't be the two warp points that's nearest to you. You'll have to head all the way back to the center warp and enter that one.
Examine the bottom corner for the BlackKey KeyItem. After grabbing the key, return to the door and open it. In Undernet6, go up the large ramp, and then up the closest ramp. Keep following the path and go on two moving platforms, and then go onto a third one. Go down the ramp in front of you and just follow the path.
This time, instead of a door, you have a HealNavi blocking your way. There will be a battle again two VolGearEX viruses and one HealNavi virus. A fairly easy battle if you have the right BattleChips. After that, just follow the path in Undernet5.
MegaMan will come in the nick of time. Lan will give Chaud his PET. Now it's Chaud's chance to take the PET and make a run for it, but he doesn't. Battle 1 is against three MettEX viruses, Battle 2 is against two LarkEX viruses, Battle 3 is against two MelodyEX viruses, Battle 4 is against two MolokoEX viruses, and Battle 5 is against two MettEX viruses, and one VacuumFan virus. After the battles, DarkProtoMan will be freed.
"By the Power of GreySkull!" Chaud will sync with MegaMan to defeat DarkProtoMan.
So head back to the Coliseum. Time to start your battle with ProtM...err ProtoMan.
After winning the battle, if you haven't done so already, MegaMan will get ProtSoul.

God of Water
Bomb Feet?

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