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Under the Net
The Sun is in Your Hands
Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This
God of Water
Bomb Feet?
Freezer Burn
Junk in the Trunk

The Sun is in Your Hands

Doesn't matter where you are, but make your way here. Just follow the maps if you can't figure out which way to go. So, talk to the Solar Boy, Django.
In order to destroy ShadeMan, Lan needs to get sunlight into the PET. But first, he needs to find the S.Sensor. So, you'll need to head to Undernet2. But first, why not find a spot where sunlight can get into the PET?
So, jack out and have Lan head to Castillo. Remember the ice cream cart that leads to the Net? Well, jack into that. From the Castillo HP, head into ACDC Area2. Remember the path that lead to YumLand Area, you should be able to go through it as long as you have the NetPassp KeyItem. After getting to YumLand Area, on to Undernet1. From there, head straight to Undernet2.
Talk to the HealNavi by the Undernet2 entrance. So, the stupid navi got the S.Sensor stolen. He said the navi that took it ran off to Undernet6, so head to Undernet3. In Undernet3, find your way into the center warp. It's pretty straightforward after that center warp, so just follow the path to Undernet6.
In Undernet6, first go up the large ramp, then take the first left ramp. Follow that path across two moving platforms, and then head down the ramp before the third moving platform. On the dark yellow path, take the second ramp down. You should see a black HealNavi strolling about. Talk to him. You have to buy it for 10000 Zennys, hey it's a side quest after all. After paying that bastard, MegaMan will receive the S.Sensor KeyItem.
Now, return to Undernet 3, and then return to Undernet4. Go to the coffin and talk to Django. So... Taiyohhhhhhh!! Anyways, watch Django do his work. Clearly, ShadeMan will return. Vampires never truly die, look at all the Castlevania games. Upon doing all that junk, MegaMan will receive the GunSol3 G BattleChip. Before you leave, examine the coffin for the NebulaCd KeyItem.
Now that you have the NebulaCd KeyItem, time to open those Nebula Gates you couldn't open before. They contain some nice goodies. Return to Lan's HP and jack in there. Head to the bottom of the map and open the gate with the NebulaCd KeyItem. Open the BMD for a BugStop Program.
Head to ACDC Area3. At the top right, there's another Nebula Gate. Open it and open the BMD for a Jealousy J BattleChip.
Return to ACDC Area2 and head to YumLand Area. From there, head to Netopia Area. By the entrance of Netopia Area, the Nebula Gate is just on the left. Open it and the BMD for a SprArmr Program. Head to the top level on the far level to reach Sharo Area.
In Sharo Area, the Nebula Gate is at the far top. Open the gate and the BMD for a HP+200 Program. And that concludes that.


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