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You may already have some of these parts because the shopkeepers are always there, even at the start of the game. But first, head to Town Area2. Head to the lower level by entering the second warp. Head left, and under the second platform, there's a pink navi that will sell MegaMan the BordPart KeyItem for 2000 Zenny. Buy it so you now have one of three parts.
Now, go all the way to Park Area1. Remember the path that leads to the lower level of Town Area3? Well, go there. You should see a Green Navi pacing back and forth. Have MegaMan talk to him to purchase the JetParts KeyItem for 3000 Zennys. Purchase it to have two of the three parts.
Head to YumLand Area. You can get there by going to ACDC Area2, as long as you have the NetPassp KeyItem, which you should. Just head to the yellow platform under the white platform. It's the further left path with one of those round ends. And under the white guessed it, another hidden navi. Purchase the WingPart KeyItem for 4000 Zennys. Now you have all three necessary parts.
Next part of this is to end to Sharo Area. You can get there by going through Netopia Area. In Sharo Area, head left and enter the second ramp that goes in the left direction. Follow that short path to a gate. Pay the 500 Zennys toll. Talk to the orange navi, but wait that doesn't do anything. I'll explain in a bit. But, open that PMD with an Unlocker SubChip for a BlkBomb Z BattleChip.
On to NetFricaArea. Take the other exit in Netopia Area to reach it. In NetFricaArea, take the straightforward up and left path to the exit. In Sharo Area, just keep going straight. You won't get lost... When you reach the end, you'll see that you can't cross the little path. To bad MegaMan couldn't keep that compression program from MegaMan Battle Network 3. Anyways, talk to that navi standing by it. Time to find the "Slider-Master."
Head back to NetFricaArea, then Netopia Area, and back to Sharo Area. Talk to the orange navi that didn't do anything before. The reason why I made you walk more...just so you can get Zennys. I know that buying all three of those parts was a tad bit expensive. But, I apologize if you didn't get any Zennys because of your busting level. Give the orange navi all the parts and she'll make the C-Slider KeyItem, free of charge. Congratulations, you can now access those small paths. Before the tournament, why not access some of those paths you missed?
Again, I must apologize for going the long way, but that's how I play my RPGs. There is an advantage to doing that though, every time you jack out, the GMDs are refreshed. But first, So, anyways, jack out and we'll begin at Lan'sHP. First off, is Town Area2. Right by the entrance, you should see the small ramp. Go ahead, go on it, it won't hurt you. But that did absolutely nothing, I just wanted to show you how the C-Slider works, if you've never seen it before. Head to Park Area1 and then to the lower level of Town Area1. At the far end, the lower level right by the entrance of Town Area3, there's a heal navi. Talk to it to receive the Humor Program. Completely useless, but whatever.
Either way, head to Park Area2. Here, just follow the path to the last warp before the entrance to Park Area3. Enter the warp when you get there and head into the small ramp to reach a BMD containing a HP Memry PowerUp.
About half way through with the C-Slider. Now, go to Park Area3. The small path is next to the first moving ramp you see. It's pretty straightforward, just follow the map if you get lost. Grab the BMD for a MegFld1 Program. The red navi is a bugfrag trader. You can purchase the ShotStar R Battlechip, however, let's hold out on it, but I'm not forcing you to do anything. Whatever you think is right, can't really waste anything in this game since bugfrags and zennys are in an abundance. However, I recommend buying the SneakRun Program. It will come in handy when trying to fight the navis.
Time to jack out. You might have a few Unlocker SubChips remaining, it's not that important, but pick up as many Untrap SubChips that you can get at the scientist by the gate in Elec Town1. Now, go back to Lan's HP to finish up the other half of the C-Sliderness. Begin by going to ACDC Area2 and then to YumLand Area. Head to the right, past the gate, and straight down. You can't miss the small ramp. Also, let me add something. Occasionally, you might get a few glitchy rides with the C-Slider if you hold 'B', so just in case, save often. Open the PMD with an Unlocker SubChip for a Lance G BattleChip.
On to Netopia Area and then NetFricaArea. Just head straight up and enter the small path. Open the BMD for a Jungle Program. Now, just head straight to Sharo Area. Do not go back through Netopia Area, just go to Sharo Area directly. Remember the two four moving ramps?
Just follow the path to the next area. Don't worry, we're just exploring.

Under the Net

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