Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Under the Net
The Sun is in Your Hands
Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This
God of Water
Bomb Feet?
Freezer Burn
Junk in the Trunk


You're probably running low on supplies. Time to restock. First head to ElecTown and buy as many, most likely 5 Untrap SubChips that you can from the scientist in Elec Town1. Then head to the DenArprt and then Netopia. On the right side of ColosseumAve, there's a scientist. Purchase 2 Unlocker SubChips from him.
Head to the 10 Chip Trader and deposit some chips. I guarantee you that you'll have a lot of useless chips.
Now that you're all set, just go into the Colosseum. When you reach the top of the stairs, examine the face on the wall. After that, your first random scenario begins!

Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This

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