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Under the Net
The Sun is in Your Hands
Dark ProtoMan
Kendo Me This
God of Water
Bomb Feet?
Freezer Burn
Junk in the Trunk

Under the Net

This is Undernet1. First, follow the moving platform, and then head right. Though it may look like a dead end, it really isn't. Walk into the darkness to find a hidden path to a PMD. Open the PMD with an Unlocker SubChip for a Snake M BattleChip. You can view what the net-Dealer has to offer, but everything is pretty expensive. After grabbing the BattleChip, return to the center platform, the one right after the moving platform.
If you get lost, just follow the map. From that platform, just head left, and then down. There's a BMD containing a RegUP1 PowerUp. After picking that up, just head into the platform back to that middle platform. From that middle platform, head to the far left. After reaching the far left, go to the far bottom. Take a right there and stick to the bottom path. Head straight down into the warp and follow the path to the next area.
You are now in Undernet2. Head straight up, and make a left at the fork. Upon making a left, just follow the straightforwards path to a BMD. Open the BMD for an ExpMemry PowerUp. Return to the fork, but instead go up this time. Follow the path, and then a little bit to the left. Just before the moving platform that returns you back to the fork, head down. Follow the red path to the right until you pass both moving platforms. After that it's pretty straightforward. There is a BMD at the end containing a SpeedMAX Program. After picking that up, head on to the next area.
In Undernet3 just head to the center warp. The path to it is pretty straightforward. After going into the warp, just go into the next warp. Head straight up for a BMD containing a Recov120 Q BattleChip. From there, head all the way to the left, and into the warp. Follow the straightforward path to the next area.
After the large ramp, head into the inside ramp. Follow the path for a BMD containing a Hold * BattleChip. Go back and take the other ramp. Follow the path to the moving ramps. Go on the first two and then head down the ramp that's beside the third moving platform. On the dark yellow path, follow it to the first ramp. Follow that path for a hidden BMD under the large ramp. Just spam the 'A' button when you get under it. Open it for a Attack+1 Program. Return back to the dark yellow path, and this time take the other ramp. Follow another straightforward path to the warp. There's a net-Dealer near the warp, selling programs. But you don't really need any of those at the moment.
Talk to the HealNavi after you enter the warp. MegaMan will learn about the Black Hole. You can't go through it just yet, but you will be a lot later. After that, return to the four moving platforms. There's absolutely nothing else in Undernet5 except maybe a glimpse at Bass/Forte, whatever you want to call him. I'm not here to judge. So, return to Undernet3.
When you get back to Undernet3, just follow the path back to the center warp. This time, head all the way to the left and pick a BMD containing HP Memry PowerUp. After that, find your way into the left warp and enter it. Enter the next warp and then follow the path to Undernet4.
Follow the left blue slider-path, and at the end of this path is a BMD containing a HP Memry PowerUp. Return to the entrance and take the other blue slider-path. Just keep going, onto the next two blue slider-paths. Feel free to read the UnderBBS for information about the DarkSoul and ShadeMan. Behind the ramp to the red paths, there's a HealNavi. He'll just give MegaMan the lotto number: 66703422. Most likely you've used it already.
Take the right green slider-path to a BMD containing a Custom1 Program. Go back and take the other green slider-path. After getting off the first one, take a left, and go up. There's a PMD. Open it with an Unlocker SubChip for a Guardian O BattleChip. Go back and take the next green slider-path. There's a BugFrag-Dealer there selling Programs and BattleChips.
Now, stop right here. Pretty much everything I tell is optional, even the next part. However, I deem this as a side quest like the C-Slider.

The Sun is in Your Hands

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