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Robots in Disguise
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Robots in Disguise

So this is ToyRoboComp3. TinMan is jacked up, so it's time for MegaMan to fix it. So it seems that MegaMan has a stalker; it must be Roll. Here goes..., "This is the sad story of the robot TinMan. This robot had been originally built for '----. But now he lived a quiet life alone in the woods. As a robot, TinMan didn't have any '----', but desiring this gift so much, he often prayed for it.
Wow, MegaMan requires two pieces of data already. The path is fairly linear, since there aren't any BMDs yet. Upon arriving at the data, starting from the left and going clockwise: Pride, Emotion, Comedy, and War Data. Take the War and Emotion Data. Insert the data into the story board and move on.
And it continues..., "'----', was TinMan's friend, and one day he suddenly became still and lifeless. Now cold and without a sign of life, this friend would not reply to any of TinMan's calls. Even when he used his '----', nothing happened." Enter the warp and from the warp, head to the right for a BMD containing a Charge+1 Program.
Go back and left for another group of data. Starting from the left, they go: Zombie, Dresser, Dance, and Bird Data. Take the Bird and Dance Data ...a dancing robot. Insert the pieces of data and move on.
While the platform is moving, MegaMan will get ambushed by a few viruses: a Spikey, a SpikeyEX, and a Dharm virus. After the battle, the platform will begin moving once again.
"Without Emotion, TinMan could not understand death. Moved by his plight, God decided to give TinMan Emotion. However, TinMan had been used in many, many wars, and now remembering his horrible deeds, he felt deep anguis. To atone for his deeds, he decided to be a '----. To make up for his wrongs, he'd make dreams come true. As he left the woods and made for town, he almost seemed---a little happy."
Head down the ramp and circle around to the BMD containing a RegUP2 PowerUp. Head back and take the other path. This time, the data are separated by each path. Starting from the top path: FarmRobo, Politicn, ToyPart, and Dancer Data. Grab the ToyPart Data and go insert it.
Head to the control panel and examine it. A battle will ensue against: a SpikeEX, and two MelodyEX viruses. Lan will get a phone call from Mayl, and she tells him about another malfunctioning Decepticon...err ToyRobot.
Head over to the VampirManor, you do remember where that is right?


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