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And Your Little Dog Too!
Robots in Disguise
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And Your Little Dog Too!

At the top is the WzDog so jack into it. You are now in ToyRoboComp2. The story begins with, "WzDog was a magical dog. He looked like a normal dog, but he was a skilled magician. Although popular in the river town of Renice, WzDog had one particular annoyance. This bitter rival was '----', also living in Renice. Equal in magical skill, they fought like cat and dog."
Follow the path and take a left at the fork. Head straight down and grab the BMD containing a RockCube * BattleChip. Head back up a little and take a left. Starting from the top, the data goes: WzDragon, WzCat, and WzMonkey Data. Grab the WzMonkey Data.
Insert the data and move on. The next story reads, "However, a certain incident required them to cooperate. A evil magician appeared one day in Renice. Althrough they both tried to chase off the wizard, he used his '----' and had them almost defeated. Unable to use magic, they were just a dog and monkey." So now, head into the warp.
Follow the path and take a left at the fork. Then take a right at the next fork. There should be a BMD containing a HP Memry PowerUp. Continue on the path until you come to three pieces of data. From the left the data goes: BadJoke, MagicSel, and VioDance Data. Grab the MagicSel Data. Head back to the puzzle and insert it.
So..., "With their magic blocked by the wizard's attack, WzDog and WzMonkey were in big trouble... But once their special powers had been taken away, their natrual animal insticts returned in a flash! First, WzDog used the '----' for which dogs are famous, trapping the wizard in a rapid spin. Then WzMonkey used a monkey's speed to cling to the wizard's face, and his '----' attack left the wizard's face in a mess. To escape, the wizard turned into a bird and flew away." By cooperating, the two new partners had saved Renice. However, when their magical powers had been restored, they returned to fighting like cat and dog as usual..."
Head into the warp. Then head down, make a right at the fork, and then make another right at the next fork. Grab the BMD containing a Vulcan2 B BattleChip. Continue on the path until you find four pieces of data. Starting from the top right most, going clockwise, the data goes: Plunge, GoodNose, GoodEyes, and Scratch Data.
Grab the GoodNose and Scratch Data. Head back to the puzzle and insert it. Examine the computer, and a battle will initiate. MegaMan will face off against one MettEX virus and two BillyEX viruses. Another scream is heard, so head over to TinMan, which is in front of the candy store.

Robots in Disguise

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