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The music and background is creepier...I am darkness...anyways, when you're inside just hug the walls. Eventually you'll find your way to the Dracula wannabe and jack in. MegaMan is now in the ToyoRoboComp4. Talk to the creepy navi to begin. There will be a small little cutscene in the middle, but nothing happens.
"Chapter 1---Django, the Solar Boy carried '----' the Solar Gun, and with the '----' that had been worn by his father, he set off to defeat Vampires---On that same night, the lid of a giant coffin slowly opened---'It's diiner time.' Having just woken, the evil occupant spread his wings and flew off into a jet black sky---
Enter the warp. This first path is pretty straight forward with no BMDs. When you reach the data, starting from the right going clockwise, under the platform: CrmScarf, WalshP37, GunSol, RedUWear. Don't you just hate how MegaMan Battle Network games truncate all the it RED UNDERWEAR and CRIMSON SCARF...yeesh! Pick up the GunSol and CrmScarf Data. Return and plug it into to the story. Time to move on...
"Chapter 2---On his travels, Django met '----', the Sun Spirit, and they decided to travel together. Just little after starting off---The Sun Spirit felt an extraordinary evil force coming from the east. The two travelers then started walking in that direction---" So now enter the warp. Follow the straight forward path until you see the data, but keep going instead. There's a BMD containing a HP Memry PowerUp.
Go back to the data. Starting from the bottom left going to the top right: MissSun, Sunlight, Moonlght, Otenko Data. Take the Otenko Data and insert it into the story. WOW, that's lame, that platform sure went a long distance this time.
"Chapter 3---Master Otenko led the way to an eastern town and Django then met that town's dreadful Vampire. Super-Vampire Dracky was immune to garlic and cross. In order to defeat this wicked Vampire, Django and Master Otenko broke into Dracky's Manor. Evading numerous monsters and traps, Django finally got to Dracky's chamber. A battle to death ensued! In a Manor where the '----' does not shine, the Vampire was at a great advantage. The GunDelSol battery was nearly wasted---Django was in a tighter spot than ever before---" Go and grab the Sunlight Data and insert it into the story.
Eventually, the stomach that you're in starts to growl...kidding. Something goes wrong with the ride, "Helpless before Dracky's attack, Django eats the SOLAR FRUIT '----' in order to gain strength." Select Apple.
"Chapter 4---Dracky attacked Django with his bite of certain death! Just one bite of that potency could fell an elephant!! At the last second, a beam of light cut through Django!! The sunlight had come from '---'. Django held up the GunDelSol and let out a scream!! '----. The solar battery is quickly charges! His single shot pierced Draky's heart!! Dracky had but a single weakpoint, and that weapoint was light of the Sun! Dracky's body was engulfed in flame---Sure of victory, Django watched on, but suddenly the burning Dracky charged headlong at him! ......In Dracky's burnt Manor, a Vampire's laugh echoed through the silence---" Django sure needs a Crissaegrim...that would definitely defeat Draculta, it's such a wonderful weapon. Yes, it's a joke...
Enter the warp. Head to your right and then keep going up. There's a BMD containing a Recov80 J BattleChip. Starting from above the BMD going clockwise: Taiyohh!, Man Head, Skylight, Mo-o-m! Data. Grab the Skylight and Taiyohh! Data. Back to the story you go!
A battle will iniate as you head towards the end. MegaMan will face one MettEX virus, one VolGearEX virus, and one Gaia virus. Apparently, there's no switch, I wonder why. Look it's ShadeMan!
Bad MegaMan, he broke the DarkChip. On the third round (menu screen), Dark Chips will appear. Select have to. It should defeat ShadeMan in an instant. ...Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to S U F F E R I N G... The darkness has now consumed MegaMan. You learn about Dark Chips from Chaud after MegaMan jacks out. He means that when Dark Chips are used, you PERMANENTLY lose 1HP of your maximum HP. Don't worry, the last round didn't count, but be warned. However, perfectionists like me would refrain from using Dark Chips ever...

Point the Way

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