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What's the Date?
The Axe Princess
And Your Little Dog Too!
Robots in Disguise
Point the Way
Fists of Fury
The Internet Mafia
A Heated Battle

The Internet Mafia

Crusher is your opponent in this matchup. A bald guy will come up to Lan and introduce himself as Riki. As soon as you leave the castle, a scene begins, involving Riki and his boss. Apparently Riki wants to open up a bakery instead of running the Mafia. What a wuss...Anyways, Lan, being such a nice boy, wants to help Riki get back Crusher. So leave the CenterSquare by the stairs. 
Time to go save Crusher in the Park Areas. Jack into the CastilloHP, the cart by the castle. As soon as MegaMan enters Park Area1, another scene will begin. Your objective is to get to Park Area3 without getting seen by a black heal navi. If you get caught, you'll just be sent back to the entrance of the current area. Examine Crusher's prison when you get there.
A battle will begin against two Heal Navis and one Weather virus. After the battle, MegaMan will retreat like a chicken. Now, go talk to Riki. Riki's boss will open up a can of whoop ass on the two henchmen. Head to the arena to begin the next match.
It's a fairly easy battle...
What the heck? Why would Lan go through all this trouble to keep Crusher from getting deleted when MegaMan deletes him anyways...time to move on.

A Heated Battle

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