Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Breaking and Entering
What's the Date?
The Axe Princess
And Your Little Dog Too!
Robots in Disguise
Point the Way
Fists of Fury
The Internet Mafia
A Heated Battle

What's the Date?

Head back to Park Area1, and buy 2 Unlocker SubChip, mainly because it's nice to have one extra as a backup and that you're about to use two. Then, in Park Area2, keep going forward until you reach the lower level. From there, follow the path to the dark yellow path, but don't go there. Instead head left under the platform to a PMD. Open it with the Unlocker SubChip for a VarSwrd V BattleChip. Definitely put it in your folder. The Variable Sword combos can be found here.
Follow the dark yellow path in Park Area2 to Park Area3. Head up the first platform for a BMD containing 1 BugFrags. Go back and take the last ramp up. Eventually, when you get off the ramp to the lower levelthere is a PMD. Open it with an Unlocker SubChip for a ColorPT * BattleChip.
On to Higsby's shop. It's time to get a whole bunch of items at Numberman Trader. If you want to complete everything, go back to Dex'sHP, Yai'sHP, JomonElecHP, and read their BBSs. Anyways, head to the Metroline and then to Castillo. Time for Lan's "date."
Head to the ticket machines to the right and jack in. Inside the TicketComp, there is a BMD to the right with a SubMemry PowerUp. After that, jack-out and talk to Mayl. Now, around this place, there are signs in front of each ride. You can read it if you want, but I'll be supplying you with answers. So just keep that in mind.
Head up and talk to the group of people. You'll learn that there's a problem, so jack-in to the cart on your right. You can read the BBS in the CastilloHP on the left, or buy some programs on the right if you like, but just head towards the warp and talk to the program near it. MegaMan will receive the CastlPCd KeyItem. So, enter the warp.
MegaMan is now in Park Area1. The path is pretty linear, so just head to Park Area2. The path here is pretty linear too, just follow it and head towards any yellowish colored paths...brownish yellows included. In Park Area3, just head towards the middle top right. When you examine the control system, a battle will begin against three Shrimpy viruses.
Jack out. Talk to Mayl again and she'll want some ice cream...Yes..madam... Go down the steps and head to the right. Talk to the cart and Lan will receive the Ice KeyItem...bling bling or whatever you want to call it. Jack-in to the cart also. To the right of the StandComp there is a BMD with a HP Memry PowerUp. Go back and talk to Mayl like the good little servant Lan is.
Time for Lan's date to continue... When you have regained control of Lan, head down the stairs and to the right. Enter the building (the dark room without a door). You can examine a statue for another Lottery Code, but you've probably already used it. Keep going, and examine the statue of Django for a GunSol1 G BattleChip.
After you leave that area, a man will come up to you and ask for help. Lan will jack into the ToyRoboComp1, and thus begins another "dungeon."

The Axe Princess