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Point the Way

MegaMan has joined the Dark Side. Anyways, time for the Hawk/Eagle Tournament. After Lan opens the door, he receives 1 point. Leave Lan's house and head to Mayl's house. Examine the white teddy bear for 1 point. Head to Higsby's and examine the shelf on the right for 1 point. Then on to Dex's house and examine his gray GameCube for 2 points. Go towards Yai's house and examine the left giraffe hedge for 1 point. Inside her house, examine the picture at the end of her room for 1 point.
Done with ACDC Town, so on to ElecTown. In Elec Town1, examine the sign on the closed shop for 1 point and the box behind the fence for 1 point. In Elec Town2, examine the shop that Lan and his father visited in the beginning of the game for 1 point. Then, there's a scientist behind the building near the exit to Square for 1 point. Head to the entrance of the ElTwrComp by going back around and examine the control panel for 1 point.
Onward to Dendome. Head to the right and examine the bicycles for 1 point. Then examine the first poster on the left for 1 point. Head up the stairs to the hot dog stand and there's a guy hiding poorly for 1 point. Go to the front entrance (right side of the Alleyway). There's a little kid behind the wall (he walks back and forth so you might see him) that will give Lan 1 point and also examine the blue door for 1 point. Go to the left entrance now. Examine the recycling bin to the right of the red soda dispenser for 1 point. Jack into the DomeNBMComp and talk to the green program to the top left. Play its game  and MegaMan will receive 5 points upon winning.
Also, in the DomeNBMComp, there is a BMD at the bottom corner containing a Spreader N BattleChip. Back in the locker room, jack into the sink. Within the WaterComp, there's a BMD containing a Fish Program. Outside the entrance to the locker room, you can jack into the panel to the right of the door. Inside the CardComp there's a BMD containing an Unlocker SubChip.
Anyways, now on to Castillo. As soon as you arrive at the Entrance, check the fountain for 1 point. Next in the CenterSquare, there's a woman behind the castle, she'll give Lan 2 points. Head down the stairs to MelSquare.Check the door behind TinMan for 2 points. There's a man behind the ice cream cart who will give Lan 3 points. Check the pirate ship for 1 point.
Now, jack into the ice cream stand. In the StandComp, you should see a purple navi on the right corner. He will give MegaMan 4 points, but a battle will initiate. MegaMan will be up against a MettEX, a BillyEX, and a Tuby virus. Jack out and then jack into the Dracky Robot (ToyRoboComp4). Talk to the heal navi for 10 points, but a three sequence battle will initiate. First is against two MettEX viruses and a LarkEX virus, then two Melody viruses and a LarkEX virus, and finally two Billy viruses and a LarkEX virus. Jack out and enter the VampirManor. Look for the little kid, he will give Lan 2 points. That's it for Castillo.
Head back to Lan's house and jack into his computer. In ACDC Area1 head the purple Nebula gate on the map. Talk to the program there and say yes. MegaMan will receive 1 point. Now head to ACDC Area3.
In ACDC Area3, head towards the purple gate. Before you get there, you should see a green navi. Talk to be able to purchase 4 points for 3,000 Zennys. Now on to Town Areas. You should have the necessary 50 points now, so you can skip the next couple parts. But, if you're anything like me, you'll want all the points you can possibly get.
Under the platform is a heal navi. Talk to him and MegaMan will get 2 points. Now head to Town Area2.
Go to the first warp, the one that will lead to the ElTwrComp1 area. There's a orange navi standing on the other side of the warp. Talk to her trade a Cannon C Battle Chip for her 5 points. Continue on to Town Area3.
In Town Area3, head up the ramp to the merchant. Head to the right of the merchant and you'll see a program. Talk to it and MegaMan will receive 3 points. Now just one more area so head to Park Area2.
In Park Area2, go as though you were going to Park Area3. But instead of going onto the yellow path to the next area, enter the warp that's in front of it. You should see a red navi standing on the other side of the warp. Have MegaMan talk to it to receive 3 points. There are probably more...but I don't know them. These are the ones that I remember from a year ago from going straightforward through each area. Jack out and head to Castillo.
In the CenterSquare area of Castillo, talk to man standing in front of the castle. Lan will receive Fldr2 Folder. Lan will receive mail and inside it is the JomonBnr KeyItem. Enter the castle to begin your next tournament.

Fists of Fury

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