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I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost
Starky Returns! (BM)
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I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost

Your opponent must be Ponta. After Yuko creeps Lan out, head outside and talk to Yuko. After playing tag with a little girl half his age, Lan will get an e-mail from his mother telling him to come home. So head back to Lan's house.
Wow, so she summons ghost navis. Anyways, you'll get the CybCryst KeyItem and the CybSutra KeyItem. The CybCryst is more or less a radar. When it turns red, a ghost is near. The CybSutra is more or less...a proton pack. There are four evil navis you must capture.
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood...who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters! Ok...back to the game.
Go to Lan's computer and jack in. In ACDC Area1, head to where the purple gate is. The CybCyst should turn yellow then red as you go there. The ghost navi is in the corner, so go around there and press the 'A' button. The ghost navi should appear. Now, head to ACDC Area2.
When you can go right, go right to the net dealer. A heal navi is behind him. Press 'A' around there. The navi will initiate a battle with you against two MettEX viruses with a few poison panels. Defeat the viruses, easy enough as it is, now move on. Head to the top right, there should be gate near there.
Do as he says. After you finish, he'll give you 3000 Zennys. So, now head to ACDC Area3. Head to the top right, past the path to Town Area1, near a purple gate.
A heal navi right there. A battle will initiate against two MettEX viruses and a Boomer virus. Head to Town Area1.
There's a ghost navi by the top right of the checkered area. The navi will drop 1 BugFrag. Go towards the entrance to Town Area2, but don't go there, instead swing a left. Follow the path to the dead end. It should be under Higsby's gate.
Another heal navi. Another battle, but with two Melody viruses with some poison panels again. After you finish with him, head back up to Town Area3. In Town Area 3, head towards the portal to ElTwrComp1. When you get there, go to the left platform that's right next to it.
Yeah...this time with two MettEX viruses one VacuumFan virus. You should try to take out the fan virus if it's there, seeing as how there are poison panels. After you defeat him, you're done with this part, but don't jack out just yet. But, head to Town Area3, and you remember how, right? Just head down the ramp and onto the yellow path. In Town Area3, simply follow the yellow path towards the end.
The ghost navi tells you to check the middle of the ACDC Town park before he departs. And your job is done, pat yourself on the back. Jack out, or walk out. Go talk to Yuko's father and then the park. Check the middle of the park for a EnergBom E BattleChip on the floor. Lan's tournament match is about to begin so off to DenDome you go. As soon as you head through the door next to the tournament bracket, a scene will enact, then the match will begin.
Here you go...
Yay, new music, about time...Your battle is against a NormlNavα. It has 300 HP and has four attacks, along with a Recov50 BattleChip. It'll use the chip when he's almost about to die, roughly around 50 hitpoints. I used two Tornado chips against'll end fast.
If you didn't catch on, something is honestly wrong with you. Now that you're done, the next rounds will be two other random ones..wo of which are exclusively Blue Moon and two of which are for Red Sun...

Starky Returns! (BM)