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As Lan is sleeping, Earth will be in dire need of a few good men. A group of men will have to drill a hole in the asteroid, and then drop a nuke down. The nuke will detonate, splitting the asteroid in half, where it will miss the Earth, and...err...umm oops? Anyways, Dr. Regal makes his entrance. And now the Justice League has been the laser cannon!!
Take the Metroline to ElecTown. Go to the tower at ElecTown3, and you should see the man you saw at the beginning of the game, standing there. Talk him to receive the JomonCD KeyItem. To register, you need to go to Town Area3. You can begin by jacking in to the electronics store that Lan and his father went to. JomonElecHP is pretty straightforward. However, I'd take the long way by starting at Lan' can never have too many chips or Zennys.
Heading to Town Area3 shouldn't be so hard..seeing as how you should know where it is if you've used this guide from the start. Follow the yellow path, and head up the first ramp. Remember that net-dealer with the expensive HP Memry PowerUps...well it costs about 18,500 Zenny. If you have enough, buy all 3 HP Memry PowerUps, if not, just remember to later.
Next, go back down the ramp and follow the path to the navi. Talk to him. You'll have to get a registration name, and since I'm not that creative, I just put L-A-N. Jack out, or walk out. Walking out is always good.
Head back to the tower and talk to the man. Three people will come out to test you for the preliminaries of the tournament.
We'll start from right to left, so talk to the lady on the right, and accept her job. She asks you a question and the answer is ENT. may have to answer an addition/subtraction problem where the answer is 0. Your job is to then delete the viruses in her PET. It shouldn't be too hard. The first battle is composed of two Mettaur viruses and one MettEX virus. The second battle has two Spikey viruses. And lastly, the third battle has one MettEX virus, one Billy virus, and one Boomer virus. After you finish the three battles, she'll thank you.
Next, talk to the scientist. Your job is to find a male and female goldbug. Head to ACDCTown and examine the tree next to the squirrel in the park. You should receive a GoldbgF KeyItem. Now, head over to Yai's house, it is the mansion on the far right of the town. Talk to Yai and then search the teddy bear on the couch. You should receive a GoldbgM KeyItem. Now, return to the scientist.
Talk to the last guy on the left. He tells you of a hyper navi in ACDC Area. I say, head back home and jack into Lan's computer. Head to ACDC Area2 and go towards the top right. Talk to the purple navi pacing back and forth. He tells you he's seen a navi that knows in Town Area. So, first head to Town Area1 to begin your search.
When you get to Town Area1, go in the direction of Town Area2, but go to the other portal, instead of the one that leads to ElTwrComp2. Enter it, and should be in a lower level of Town Area2. Head to the right and talk to the somewhat hidden normal navi.
The normal navi talks about ElecTown and high areas. So jack out and head to ElecTown. The only high area in ElecTown is the "AC" screen at the top of ElecTown2. So head past the gate and up the stairs. Jack into the LCD Comp. You should see heal navi (that's what they're called...). Talk to it and and you'll receive a LabData KeyItem. A battle will begin...against two Spikey and one HealNavi. He has an AreaGrab battle chip so don't stand on your third panel (if you don't want to get hit).
Jack out and return to the tower. Talk with the guy who wanted the LabData. Talk to the spokesman again. You heard the man, head to DenDome. Head to the Metroline to go to DenDome.
When you arrive in DenDome, head up the stairs and go left. Jack in the hot dog shop. In the HotdogComp, there is a BMD on the right containing a HP Memry PowerUP. Jack out and head to the back entrance of DenDome. When you're inside, head left the red vending machine and jack in. In the VendMchComp, there's a BMD to the top right containing a Recov50 S BattleChip. Jack out and head up the stairs.
Head into the waiting room and examine the trash bags. There is a NumberMan Lotto Number that reads 46292983. Then go to the top left of the room and examine the chairs for a RegUP1 PowerUp. Talk to the guy by the door to begin your tournament session. There are two possible opponents for your first matchup. Because you need to play the game three times to actually complete it, it doesn't really matter what you get the first time, because within the next two games, you'll most likely get the other opponent.

I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost