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The controls are pretty simple. Use the directions to move. Press A to talk to people, examine objects, and confirm choices in the menus. Press B to open/close the field menu, and cancel choices.


Menus outside of battle: MAG - Use a magic spell. Use the directions to choose a spell, and press A. Next use left and right to choose which level of the spell to use (note the MP cost), and press A again. If necessary, choose a target with the directions, and press A again to confirm.
ITEM - Select an item, or choose "P" and press A to scroll through the 4 pages (32 item limit). After choosing an item, then you select where to USE it, or to TRASH it (remove it to free up inventory space).
EQU - After you obtain weapons and armor, they must be equipped to be of any use.
Select EQU, then select a character with the directions (you will see a box with their current equipment). Confirm with A. Now the item list will appear. Choose which piece of equipment you want to change, and press A again. Now choose an item from the list to replace it (items that the character can't use, or aren't appropriate for the equipment slot chosen will have an X next to them). Press A to confirm. Now you will see how the equipment will change your character's four statistics. The right number is the value with your current item, and the left is what it will change to if the selected item is equipped. If you're happy, press A again, or press B if you don't like the change. STAT - You can view a character's stats, or rearrange the party order. STAT - From left to right, top to bottom, you will see: Charater's name
Experience Level
Star of Actos (for Aqutallion only)
Class - Each Kustera has a different class, while Aqutallions start of as Pennon. Later in the game, they will become Banalet (and be able to combine magic with other Banalet members). When four of the members reach Banalet state, they will become Aqutallion. HP - the first number is the remaining, the second is the maximum available. When characters are hit, they lose HP. If their HP drops to 0, they faint, and will be out for the rest of the battle (or you use a "Restore" item or "Life" spell), and regain 1 HP after the battle. But if all members Faint, you lose the battle. Then you will return to the last save point, with 1 HP restored to all Fainted members, and with half the Gold you had before losing.
Restore HP by eating Bread or Plum-Plums, using Heal magic, resting in any bed, visiting a Star Shrine, or staying at an Inn.
MP - again, the first is the remaining, second is maximum. Characters lose MP when they cast magic. If they don't have enough left, they can't use a spell.
Restore MP by using Moon-Drops (use them carefully, as there is a very limited supply in the game), visit a Star Shrine, or stay at an Inn.
EP - Experience Points. Collect them every time you defeat an enemy. Collect enough, and they character's experience level will rise. When the character's level rises, their stats increase, and some characters may learn new spells.
LATER - the number of additional EP the character needs to reach the next experience level. POWER - this determines how much damage you do when attacking an enemy. GUARD - a higher rating will lessen the damage taken from enemies. LUCK - ???? SPEED - ???? EQUIPPED ITEMS - What items you have equipped. Press A to see the spell list, for characters who can use magic. Otherwise, you'll return to the character select list.

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