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Money Glitch

In the town of Decatas, Kustera can bribe the government 1000 Gold to make the guards at the entrance go away.
You won't be coming through enough to really make this useful. However, this transaction is glitched, and you probably won't actually pay 1000 Gold. I have not looked much at what actually determines the amount paid, but I believe some general variable is not reset. It seems you will actually pay whatever the cost of the previous transaction (shop, inn, etc.) was.
If you save (since Uncle Save is right next to the guy) and reset, you won't pay a thing!
It appears that if you Swap to Aqutallion, fight a battle, and then Swap back, Kustera will have 9,999,999 Gold!
Or at least it appears to in my game.
Here is a (battery-backup) save from before the transaction, in case you want to expirement.

Antique Shop

There is a warehouse in the southeast corner of Decatas.
The guy there will buy some of your old stuff for lots of money:
Plum-Plum: 500 Gold
Ticket: 1000 Gold

Music Test

A music test will be unlocked once you step into the town of Alazina.
Just return to Old Hill, and go to the second floor of Dynamite's lab. Talk to one of the robots to inititate a music test.
Here is a save file if you would like to take a listen.
BGM No. Use
00 Overworld - Aqutallion
01 Overworld - Kustera
02 Dungeon - ex. Jeep Volcano core
03 Mysterious enemy - ex. Leona's capture
04 Homncruise followers
05 Cave
06 Sidon Forest
07 Destroyed town
08 Peaceful town
09 Old Hill
0A Dungeon - ex. Jeep Volcano outside
0B Star Shrine
0C Dungeon - ex. Badbad's House
0D Lagoon
0E Mysterious person - like when Ray sees his dad's ghost
0F Dungeon - Ringo House
10 Another destroyed town music?
11 Hurry up music
12 ???
13 Circus
14 Ray's house
15 Overworld - Mysterious Land
16 Decatas
17 When becoming Banalet
18 Normal fight - Aqutallion
19 Normal fight - Kustera
1A Major boss
1B ????
1C ???
1D ?
1E Ship
1F Mysterious Land town
20 Rest
21 Win a battle
22 ?
23 Level-Up
24 Enter a fight
25 New member
26 Surprise appearance
27 Silence?
28 Main theme
29 ?
2A ?
2B MoreEyes
2C Jabon Island
2D Intro
2E Overworld - Kustera
2F Town member
30 Normal boss
31 Dance hall
32 Important item

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