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Here are all the items you will use throughout your journey.
I have listed important items in bold.
Note that not all items can be bought. But all non-story items can be sold for half the "cost".
Item Name Cost Effect
Anti-Stop 20 Remove Stop condition.
Anti-StopII 18 Remove Stop condition.
Antidote 10 Remove poison.
AntidoteII 8 Remove poison.
Aqutalium - A mysterious element.
Aspirin 18 Remedy for an Illness.
AspirinII 16 Remedy for an Illness.
Ballot - Vote!
Barrier ? ?
Blue-Orb - A mysterious ball.
Bread 8 Restore about 30 HP. But sometimes, it might restore all HP.
BrknMoon 100 Restore some MP.
Calm-Herb 28 Cures Mute and Dazed conditions.
Dog-Pill - Restores those who have been turned to dogs.
Eledium - A mysterious element.
Gold-Moai - An island's most precious treasure.
Graviton - Shrinks large things.
Iridium - A mysterious element.
MagBranch 12 From the world map, teleport to Old Hill.
MagicLeaf 24 Avoid enemy encounters for 128 steps.
Meatball 8 Recovers about 30 HP.
Mirror 2800 Reflects enemy's attack.
Moon-Drop 200 Recover all MP.
Moustache - The moustache of a special beast removes Gold state.
Niagaran - Can ride up a waterfall. Only works for the Aqutallion ship.
Organium - A mysterious element.
Panacea 30 Remove Poison, Fever, and Stop.
Plum-Plum 8 Restore some HP.
Rat-Tail 22 Exit from the current dungeon.
Red-Orb - A mysterious ball. The treasure of Edon.
Restore 300 Revive unconscious character.
RestoreII 280 Revive unconscious character.
StarCrest - Mysterious symbol of the Aqutallion warrior.
Sup-Plum - Super Plum-Plum restores all HP. You can only have one at once.
Tacosmin - A legendary power.
Ticket - Entry into the circus.
TimeBomb 100 Destory a wall.
Ultrium - A mysterious element.
Vita-Plum - Fully restores the party's HP. You can only have one at once.
Win-Key - Key to the shrine south of Winds.

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