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Treasure Listing

I have listed all the items you will find in each area.
Now you can know if it's worth it to drag in your Kustera for those out-of-the-way chests.
Since Kustera isn't very useful for most of the game, except for grabbing a few chests, I've colored the contents available to them.
That way you can decide if it's worth leveling them.

Ray's House

Small dresser in the northeast corner Antidote
Pot by the door 50 Gold
Small dresser by the west wall Plum-Plum


Left wide dresser in the cat lady's house 50 Gold
Right wide dresser in David's house Anti-Stop

Jeep Volcano

Outside chest available to anyone Rat-Tail
Outside, chest behind the upper Kustera gate 50 Gold
Outside, chest behind the lower Kustera gate Plum-Plum
Outside, chest behind the Aqutallion gate Anitdote
Inside, upper-right chest Antidote
Inside, upper-left chest NomalHat
Inside, lower chest Bread


Northeast house, middle wide dresser Plum-Plum
Pot in southwest corner of mayor's house Moon-Drop

Cave to BadBad

Entrance cave, southwest NomalHat
Entrance cave, southeast Rat-Tail
Entrance cave, north Antidote
Entrance cave section 2, southwest Bread
Entrance cave section 2, east Plum-Plum
Entrance cave section 3 Telepo
Outside path, west chest Moon-Drop
Outside path, east chest Plum-Plum
Outside path 2 Restore
Outside path 2, west chest Bread
Badbad-House, second floor HardSuit
Badbad-House, first floor chest 100 Gold
Badbad-House, first floor chest Antidote
Badbad-House, first floor chest MagBranch
Badbad-House, first floor chest Aspirin
Badbad-House, first floor chest Dog-Pill
Badbad-House, first floor chest Meatball
Badbad-House, first floor chest 200 Gold
Badbad-House, first floor chest LethShoes


Second floor, behind Kustera gate Derby
Fourth floor, behind Kustera gate Chainmale


Single-drawer in northwest corner of Golon's house Restore
Middle single-drawer in middle of Golon's house Rat-Tail
Dresser in northeast corner of Golon's house 200 Gold


Poor area, left triplex, lower-right pot 6 Gold
Poor area, left triplex, left drawer Bread
Poor area, right triplex, lower-left pot 4 Gold
Poor area, right triplex, right-center pot 2 Gold
Poor area, right triplex, left drawer Bread
Government office, right dresser MagicLeaf
Government office, second dresser from right MagBranch
Government office, second dresser from left 300 Gold
Circus, lowest pot on the left in the maze 300 Gold
Circus, left chest in rafters WoodShoes
Circus, chest in middle of rafters AngleHat
Left side of dresser in rich man's house 100 Gold
Right side of dresser in rich man's house 80 Gold
Nightstand in rich man's house 200 Gold
Nightstand in rich man's house (yes, there's two) 200 Gold
Cabinet in corner of rich man's house 100 Gold
Pot in northeast corner of rich man's house 200 Gold
Pot in southeast corner of rich man's house 300 Gold
Left side of dresser in cheated man's house QuickRobe


Left chest behind Kustera gate 2000 Gold
Upper-right chest behind Kustera gate CowboyHat
Lower-right chest behind Kustera gate Moon-Drop
Lower-right chest in fourth room Telepo
Upper-right chest in fourth room 300 Gold
Upper-left chest in fourth room CowboyHat
Bottom chest in fourth room Moon-Drop
Left chest in fourth room Rat-Tail
Chest in fifth room PowerCane

Box Town

Pot in southeast corner of northeast house MagBranch


Pot in southeast corner of southwest house Moon-Drop

Ancient Well

Chest in east switch room Bread
Chest in center switch room Bread
Chest in west switch room Telepo


Uncle Save's house, rightmost drawer MagBranch
Northeast house, pot on right wall 200 Gold

Ghost Cave

First room, first chest Rat-Tail
First room, second chest Plum-plum
Second room AntiStop
Third room, lower-left chest behind Kustera gate Antidote
Third room, upper-left chest behind Kustera gate 1000 Gold
Third room, lower-right chest behind Kustera gate Plum-Plum
Third room, upper-right chest behind Kustera gate Calm-Herb
Third room, lower-left chest open to anyone Moon-Drop
Third room, upper-left chest open to anyone Aspirin
Third room, lower-right chest open to anyone Restore
Third room, upper-right chest open to anyone Bread
Third room, top chest Gold-Moai


Edon Castle basement, left chest BrknMoon
Edon Castle basement, right chest DrgnSwrd
Edon Castle, west second floor, pot on left wall Restore
Edon Castle, east second floor, pot in the middle of the room 600 Gold
Edon Castle, east third floor, dresser in back Antidote


Drawer in back of Uncle Save's house Rat-Tail
Dresser in northeast corner of northeast house IronSuit


Outside, left chest RedHood
Outside, right chest FireSwrd
First floor, southeast corner chest Bread
First floor, center chest WizRobe
First floor, southeast corner, chest on upper teir Moon-Drop
Second floor, chest on lower teir Mirror
Second floor, chest on upper teir FireArmor
Third floor chest 10,000 Gold


Pot in southwest of Uncle Save's house 1000 Gold

Secret Path (to Gara's Castle)

Chest in lower pool Swim-Suit
Chest in switch room Restore
Chest in upper pool Moon-Drop


First floor chest Crown
Second floor, northwest chest IdolDress
Second floor, east chest IceArmor
Seventh floor chest Heels


Drawer in northeast house Mirror
Pot on east side of northwest house BrknMoon

Steeler Lab

Southwest chest on fourth floor RoseShoes
Chest in middle of fourth floor SilvArmr
Chest in middle of second floor Barrier
Chest in southwest of second floor Mirror
Chest in southeast of second floor Discarmar
Chest in northeast of second floor Rat-Tail
Chest near pit on second floor Moon-Drop

Brisben Underground

B2, left chest 20,000 Gold
B2, right chest Moon-Drop
B2, south chest WindShoes
B4 chest Barrier
B5, southwest chest ElfinBow
B5, west chest IceSwrd
B5, north chest Aqutalium
B5, east chest Restore
B5, southeast chest BestClaw

Star Palace (Fire)

Only Kustera can access the Star Palace dungeons.
B2, right chest 500 Gold
B2, northwest chest Restore
B4, southwest chest Moon-Drop
B4, center chest 500 Gold
B3, west chest HolyCane
B3, north chest MagBranch
B3, northeast chest Rat-Tail
B2, southeast room, left chest LongSwrd
B2, southeast room, right chest Antidote
B2, southeast room, top chest Iridium

Star Palace (Water)

B2, northwest chest Plum-plum
B2, southeast chest Aspirin
B2, northeast chest Restore
B3, northwest chest AngleHat
B3, northeast chest Aspirin
B4, lone chest PowerCane
B4, lower chest Ultrium
B4, northwest chest Barrier
B4, northeast chest 1000 Gold

Star Palace (Wind)

B4, northwest chest Rat-Tail
B3, northwest chest Aspirin
B3, northeast chest Crown
B3, southeast chest 2000 Gold
B4, east chest Moon-Drop
B2, left chest FireCane
B2, right chest Barrier
B2, top chest Eledium

Star Palace (Earth)

B3, northwest chest Restore
B3, north chest Crown
B3, northeast chest Rat-Tail
B4, southeast chest CalmCane
B2, east chest 5000 Gold
B2, center room, bottom chest Mirror
B2, center room, top chest BoltCane
B2, center room, center chest Organium
B4, south chest IdolDress
B4, northwest chest Bread

Bio-Dram's Shrine

Southwest chest RoyalSwrd

Bio-Booth's Shrine

West chest WizRobe
North chest CureCane

Bio-Gara's Shrine

Treasure chest BrknMoon

Bio-Godom's Shrine

Treasure chest near entrance Mirror
South treasure chest BoltSwrd

Volcano Core

Treasure chest, B1 PlumWater
Treasure chest, B2 Mirror

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