Character's & NPCs

Character Pic Character Info
  Mike Jones

Main player & nephew to Dr. Jones.  Your mission is to look for him.

Chief CoralCola

Chief of CoralCola & friend of your uncle.  He starts you off on your journey to find your uncle.  He gives you the YoYo weapon.


Village Shaman & Chief CoralCola's sister.  Gives you help when first starting out.  She is also the one who resurrects you when you run out of lives in the dungeons.


Dr. Jones assistant.  Gives you ID card for access to the Sub-C at doc's lab in Chapter 1.  In Chapter 4, you meet him inside the whale's stomach; you must find his lighter so you two can escape.


The onboard navigational computer of Sub-C.  Is with you during most of the game.

Dolphin Mother

Pleads for your help to find her lost son in the opening of Ch.2.  In Ch.8, she rescues you from drowning & takes you back to C-Island.

Dolphin Son

The missing dolphin you were asked to search for.  Was being held prisoner in Giant Octo's lair.

Chief MiraCola

Leader of MiraCola in Chapter 3.  Pleads for your help to search for a cure for his daughter.  In return, he will repair your ship.

Fortune Teller

Needs you find her Crystal Ball that she lost in the pond at Ghost Village.  Bring it back to her & she will help you get inside of SheCola.

Queen SheCola

Female ruler of the all female city SheCola(obviously) in Chapter 3.  Gives you the Shooting Star weapon & gives you instructions on how to pass the Western Cave.

Mountain Hermit

Lives atop the western mountains in Chapter 3.  Gives you the spell scroll with the cure for Bananette on it.

Bate, the Fisherman

You meet him in the beginning of Chapter 4 in TunaCola.  You must talk to him in order for you go get swallowed by the whale later on (if you don't talk to him & try to sail east anyway, you'll just keep sailing east).

Chief BellCola

Leader of BellCola in Chapter 5..  He gives you the secret of the straight & how to get through it, but you must first seek out Peter for help.

Peter the Parrot

He knows the secret of the straight, but won't tell you if you don't give him something first.  Bring him back a Worm & he'll tell you how to get pass it.

Hook, the Fishing Master

Gives you a Worm that you will then give to Peter for info on how to get pass the straight.

Doc Jones

Your missing uncle that you've been looking for this entire time.  He had been abducted by aliens for finding the secret of the lost ruins.


The main baddie of the game & a real big jerk.  He is the one who destroyed Argonia to obtain the 3 Magic Cubes.  He had followed them to Earth & abducted your uncle in the hopes of finding them.  You meet him in Chapter 8.

Children of Argonia

Once inhabitants of the distant planet Argonia, their planet was destroyed by the space invader Zoda.  They are the last of their species.  They were sealed within 3 magic time-frozen cubes & sent to Earth to escape the clutches of Zoda.
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