Trans & Landscape


Modes of Transportation

Your basic mode of transportation.  You will using this during most of the game, as well as inside dungeons.

When walking in the field, you can sometimes come across what seems to be a 'dead end'.  Walking into a dead end can sometimes lead to a hidden tunnel inside mountains.

A submarine, obtained in the later part of Chapter 1.  Used to navigate the waters during most of the game.
After you've obtained the ID Code 1776 in Chapter 2, you will be allowed to submerge the Sub-C in certain areas of water, allowing you travel to different areas otherwise unaccessible.

Black Water Waves
Press 'B' to submerge the Sub-C on one of these marks to travel unwater to be taken to one in another location.

There are also certain areas that have hidden passageways that allow you to move through a seemingly solid piece of land.

Watery Under Currents
(Look for these areas of water near landmasses; it'll look like the water is sparkling).

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Landscape (Surface)

Normal walking grounds.

Trees, can't go through them, only around.  Red topped trees are in Chapter 6.

Area along the some shorelines.

Large craggy rocks.  Can't go over, only around.  Some will have hidden tunnels inside them.

Rocky Ledge
Rocky cliffs on landmasses.  Nothing special.

A wall.. yeah, that's about it.

Goes up/down to another room.

Allows you to step up or down onto upper or lower sections of land.
Tunnel Visible passageways that are inside of rocky ledges.  Pass through with Sub-C to get to other areas.
Hidden Tunnel Not-so-visible passageways that are inside of landmasses.  Look for the areas of 'sparkling' water, stand over them & move into the landmass to be taken through it.

Port Dock
Allows you to dock the Sub-C.

Shallow Water
Shallow water, can't pass over with Sub-C.

Deep Water
Deep water, can pass over with Sub-C.

Jagged Rocks
Craggy rocks sticking out from the water.  Can't pass over.

Water Waves
Special areas of deep water.  Press B to submerge over these spots to be taken to another area.
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Objects of Importance (Surface)
Village Local island villages.  Must enter them to gain further access into the game.
Hut Single house.
Dungeon One of the many dungeons in the game.  Will encounter enemies inside.
Heli-pad The place where you start off at in a new game in Chapter 1.
Laboratory Dr. Jones' (your uncle) laboratory on C-Island in Chapter 1.
Lighthouse The Lighthouse located on Octo-Island in Chapter 2.
SheCola City of all female warriors in Chapter 3.  Need to gain access to it later.
Hermit's Mountain Large, mountainous area located beyond the Western Cave in Chapter 3.  The Hermit that lives atop here will give you a spell to cure Bananette.

Peter the Parrot
Located to the west of BellCola in Chapter 5.  Gives you info on getting past the straight only if you give him something first.
Captain Bell's Memorial The shrine of the 'Island Father' Captain Bell in Chapter 5.  Need access to it, and beyond, at some point.
Captain Bell's Ship The ship of Captain Bell.  It is blocking the straight in Chapter 5.  Need to find a way to move it so you can continue the game.

Molten Meteorite
A large chunk of molten metal found in the Lost Ruins in Chapter 6.  Strange ciphers & 3 holes are found on it.
Giant Crater A large hole in the ground in Chapter 6.  Located near some Lost Ruins that your uncle had discovered.  Presumed to have been caused by the Molten Meteorite.
Space Ship A spaceship that belongs to Prime Invader Zoda, located in Chapter 7.  Need to board it to continue on with the game.

Escape Pod
Used by you at the end of Chapter 8 to escape from the Space Ship when it starts to explode.
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Landscape (Dungeon)
Icon Name Description
Floor For walking on in dungeons.

Wall Simple walls; some can hold secret doors or passage ways.

Door Blocks off access to next room.  Need to kill a certain monster or hit a switch to open it.

Door Opening
Pathway that opens up from a door being removed after hitting a switch or killing certain enemies.
Secret Door An opening that is blown open from killing a hidden monster in a room or from hitting a switch.
Water Water in the dungeons.  You fall in it, you die.

Tile Tiles that are located in dungeons, sometimes over water.  Hitting them can reveal switches.

Switch Activated when you've stepped on a certain tile.  Press it to activate a button nearby, or to unlock a hidden sub-weapon nearby.
Button Activated when you've stepped on a Switch.  Press it to open a door or chest.
Pressed Button A button that you've already pressed down on.
Special Button Looks like an already pressed button, but if you look closely it still has it's color to it.  These you have to jump down on it more than once (there is only one of these in the game - in chapter 3, western dungeon).

Sink Tile A tile that will stay on the surface for a short while, then submerge underwater for a bit, then come back up.  Be sure to time you're jumps carefully.
Collapsible Tile A tile that will remain on the surface until you jump on them, then you have to immediately jump off of them.
A tile that will break apart, preventing you from going back/forward in whatever direction your facing.  Only found in Chapter 5.

Light Switch Some of the dungeons will have a dark room in them.  You will have to find these Light Switches in order to see where you're going.  Step on them to light up the room you're in.

Treasure Chest Contains a sub-weapon for you to use in the dungeon.  Press a button to open it.

Fake Wall Some walls will have these shadows coming off of them, letting you know that there is a tunnel through it.  Some walls, however, will not have those marks for a fake wall.

Cracked Wall In Chapter 7, you will see some walls with several cracks in them.  Shoot at the walls to open up a secret door with possible items in a room.

Teleporter Pad In Chapter 7, you will need to use a series of teleporter pads to get from one place to another in the 1st dungeon.  Stepping on one will take you to the other corresponding one in another place.  There is also a teleporter pad in Chapter 8 if you happen to fall into a Space Trap.
Space Trap In Chapter 7, you will see these in some parts; time your jumps carefully, if you fall in them you die.  In Chapter 8 though, these tiles will have monsters coming out of them.  If you happen to fall into one, it will take you to another room on a lower part of the floor with (several) monsters in it, as well as some items in a hidden room. (Remember, that only happens for the ones in Chapter 8)
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