Key Items

Name Description Found
Heart Container Increases max Hearts by 1. Chapter 2: x1 -- Chapter 3: x1 -- Chapter 5: x1 -- Chapter 6: x2
ID - 1492 Activates the Sub-C's Navigational Computer
In Chapter 1, after you've beaten the dungeon & are heading towards Dr. Jones' Laboratory.  Given to you by Baboo, his assistant.
Bottle Contains the ID code 1776. In Chapter 2, across the beach through a hidden tunnel after you've talked to the lighthouse keeper's wife.
ID - 1776 Used to activate the submergible system of the Sub-C.  Press B to dive under black waterwaves. In Chapter 2, after you've found the bottle & read the letter inside.
Crystal Ball Give to Fortuneteller to gain access inside of SheCola. In Chapter 3 after you've beaten the Ghost Dungeon, it is inside of the drained pond at Ghost Village.
Scroll Magic Scroll used to cure Chief MiraCola's daughter, Bananette, of her sleeping sickness.
In Chapter 3, after you've beaten the Hermit's Mountain; given to you by the Hermit.
Lighter Use it to create a fire to escape from the whale's insides. In Chapter 4, inside the whale that swallowed you.
Fresh Worm Give this to Pete the Parrot for his help on how to get past Captain Bell's Memorial. In Chapter 5, Given to you by Hook, the Fishing Master.
Apple Doesn't do anything. In Chapter 6, down some stairs on one of the small islands reached by submerging under black waterwaves.
Cube 1
One of the 3 Cubes Zoda is after.  Turns your Shooting Star into Super Nova. In Chapter 7, after you've beaten the first dungeon.
Cube 2
One of the 3 Cubes Zoda is after.  Fills all your Hearts & increases your Heart Max to 22.
In Chapter 7, after you've beaten the second dungeon.
Cube 3
One of the 3 Cubes Zoda is after.  Triggers ending sequence. In Chapter 8, after you've beaten the final dungeon.