Heart Containers

Chapter 2
Before you enter the Octo-Island Dungeon, go south.  You will see a Heart Container to your right inside a mountain range.  Stand directly to the left of it & walk right.  You'll go through the mountains into a secret tunnel.  Exit the tunnel going right.  You'll come outside next to the Heart Container.

Chapter 3
Go north of SheCola and stand at the end of the mountain range.  Go up to walk into a hidden path.  Take the stair case that you see.  Walk down it get the Heart Container.

Chapter 5
After getting past Captain Bell's Memorial & going down the stairs, take the bottom stair case that you see.  Once down, stand at the bottom-left corner.  Walk left through a fake wall into another room with a Heart Container in it.

Chapter 6
Leave from Howdoyadu-Cola and head in a northwest direction, following the left edge until you come to a blackwater wave.  Use it to be taken east into an area with other waterwaves.  Take the one on the right to be taken east.  Dock at the small island to the south & go down the stairs for a Heart Container.

Chapter 6
After you've finished the 1st dungeon in chapter 6, follow the path a little until you come to a fork; take the right path.  Follow it along until the end & take the last path going up.  Follow the path up & around the small streams until you come to a stairway.  Go down it for a Heart Container.