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The walkthrough is broken down into four parts.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

P A R T  T W O

-= Kadun Continent -=
    New continent means new gear to purchase! Head south, following the coast and the mountains. You'll eventually around the mountains and head north. Some mountains will form a forked passageway, take the left-hand one to reach the capital city of Kadun.

-= Kadun Capital -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Kadun Capital
    This will likely be your new base while you work on leveling up and upgrading your gear. Things get a bit tough, like you need a reminder about that. So perform the usual new town ritual.

    The man in the capital (big) building yammers;

    "Our only hope is for you to quell the monster's brigade! Legend says the ruins of a lost race are on this continent"   

    A man in a house on the upper west side will ask;

    "You going to North Cave?" (YES) " Find the wise man" (NO) " That cave contains various items. If you don't know where to go in your journey, go explore the North Cave. (Afterwards he doesn't give you a yes/no choice) Remember this guy once you do grab that item from the North Cave.

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    -This is Kadun Continent
    -You can find a lamp in Algi
    -Seiruni is in the east

    ScanPak might be a worthwhile purchase. It will let you know when you are standing on a searchable spot in towns, the overworld and in dungeons. Though it has to be equipped on Gap. Don't forget a Chip 3 to boost Gap's level. When you are all done and satisfied, lets do some more exploring outside.

    Head down to that fork and take the right mountain passage. Follow this fairly straight forward route northwards. It'll soon go around a little jutting peninsula and the go east. You'll enter a clearing of sorts, so head north. You should soon see a new place
to visit, so go ahead and enter...

-= Seiruni -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Purchase Cure2
    This is another good staging area. Lots of expensive goodies to upgrade to.

    The only habited house is on the other side of the water, she has this info;

    "Ask everyone for info about the ruins. Just wait a bit, and I'll give you this watch as a present! Will you please help us to recover?" (Though oddly enough, she gives you no watch... maybe she meant to ask you to go find it?)

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    -Talk to people in the south village. (south, there is nothing.. what's missing?)
    -Look everywhere for useful info. (duh! More clues would be helpful)
    (okay, so no one has anything worthwhile to say)

    Cure2 would be a nice addition to someone's ESP collection (and for everyone if you really take the time to gain enough cash). Teleprt is also a nice one as it will save you from needing to stock up on Teletrn. Not much else to do in town for now. Though you'll notice that Seiruni lacks an Tool Shop.

    You can take the time to explore the wide open area to the south, but I've yet to find any 'south village'. Did they really mean to say north village instead? At any rate, if you head north you should quickly come across a village nestled in the mountains called...

-= Algi -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Grave robbing
    This little village hides an item that you need. It's the watch the lady from Seiruni -said- she was going to give to you. Okay, so more confused dialogue here, anyways, search the bottom right tomb to pilfer the watch.

    Some people in the homes have these things to say:

    "In times of crisis, the ancients pursued the temple for answers from the gods"
    "A cave expedition? Don't be a dumbass. Going there is like a quick trip to the graveyard. There are suspicious men all over the place."

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    - This is Algi Village, where you can get a lamp. (neat)
    - There's an odd tomb in the graveyard
    - Watch out for robots in the North Cave

    The AlgiLmp is a multi-use item and can be re-use, unlike the one time use of the LitLamp. Whether or not the AlgiLmp has other uses besides the obvious... got me. I guess it saves you LP from having to cast Light all the time... *shrug*. But after nabbing the watch, it's time to leave.

    If you feel up to it, we should head north again and find the North Cave. Go ahead and enter it.

-= North Cave -=
    This is very straight forward and not even much of a maze (for once). You'll also notice that there are no robots here. Follow the corridor until you end up finding a chest containing the BrkHarp. Leave the cave.

    Remember that guy i told you to remember? 'member? You 'member! So head all the way to the capital city with your newly acquired BrkHarp.

-= Kadun Capital, Revisited! -=
    Head to the house on the west side and have a little chat with the man inside.

    "This is the Broken Harp. It's strings are broken, so it is now silent."

    Well, he takes the BrkHarp from you without saying so, nor does he tell you want to do next. You are pretty much suppose to guess this next part. (Kali a. informed me of this next part)
    Well maybe you where lucky already an have gotten an item called 'Ito' from battle. If not, head outside the capital and fight battles with Kazak mobs. In time you'll receive 'Ito'. Talk with the man again.

    "... Maybe you can find some new strings in the cave?"

    You now receive the Harp. Now shouldn't the guy told you that -after- he took the BrkHarp? And one other thing, 'Ito' means 'thread' in Japanese. Besides there is nothing more in North Cave (as far as i know. Though you could probably have gotten Ito from a mob in the cave). So now you have a nice Harp... which as of now, i have no idea what it's used
for. This is one area I'm stuck in. (Correction, i now know what the Harp does... read on!) Leave this place now.

    Alright, let's return the watch now, so head back over to...

-= Seiruni, Revisited! -=
    Go talk to the watch lady;

    "Th... the watch! How... did you get it? There is an eccentric man living south of the giant rock."

    Pretty excited over a lost watch, just don't tell her you got it from a grave. So this is stumper number 2: who the hell and where the hell is this rock with an eccentric man living south of it. I'm stuck here as well.
    (Correction, stuck here no longer! Again... read on!)Hidden Ruins

    Okay, head south from Seiruni. What you are looking for is kind of near the shore. Keep a close eye out for this configuration of terrain; Tree, Rock, Rock, Grass, Grass, Rock (picture of it here if you need help). You want to face that second rock from the bottom, and then use the Harp. Volia! Can you see how all the hints so far have been complete and utterly vague about this location? You've found the ruins everyone keeps talking about.

-= Ancient Ruins -=
    Wander the ruins until you find a larger building to the north and enter it.

    There is a baaad graphic glitch that happens after you finish with the computer. But luckily, you can navigate out of it IF you pay attention to where the floor is. Also, DO NOT answer 'Yes' to the computer's question! It will reset your stats!! And lastly DO NOT look at the computer while in the middle of the glitch because the next time, you WILL BE STUCK!!

    Okay, so now that the warning is out of the way, walk up to the computer and 'search' it.

    "You can fulfill your destiny at the Bioroid systems. The system is sealed, but the path to the center of the world can be reopened with the 3 magic Gems. Remember the number 8492. In ancient times, people traveled to a great temple. Seek the temple to find your answers."

    Remember folks, just say NO to ancient computers when they ask you if you'd like to return!! With that, beat feet outta here. During the glitch, you can see the floor on the left side, so you can get out.

    Now it's time to take on another tower! Yay! Supply it up in Algi if needed and then make your way east from Seiruni. Once through that little pass, make your way southward by following the coast. You'll see be in site of...

-= Tower 2, Kadun Continent -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Kadun Tower Assault
    Make your way through the 4 floors to the top. Once there you'll encounter the boss, Bowser. Put him down, gain a Seceder for your efforts, and then 'search' the computer (Remember to have Gap installed with the LeadPak). Enter the password: 8492 to pick up the GrenGem! Okay, walk out or Seceder out of this join!

    Now run alllll the way back to the capital building! You're about to be done with this continent and ready to move onto the 3rd one.

-= Kadun Capital, Revisited! -=
    March right on north and into the capital building. 'Talk' with the man and he'll blab on about;

    "Thanks! This continent is dangerous. Monsters have wreaked havoc here. Take this card, now, for access to new areas."

    With that, you now have Pass 2! Stock up on any supplies and leave town.

    Head south then west back to the tunnel. Enter it and make your way to that small center island. Once there, head north into another tunnel building (still can't enter that tower). Trudge through this tunnel and when you exit, welcome to...

P A R T  T H R E E ---->

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