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The walkthrough is broken down into four parts.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

P A R T  F O U R

-= Core Island -=
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Core Island
    This is it, you've come a long way to get here. Two places left to traverse and you are home free! The Island is pretty straight forward so follow it around and up to the final Tower. The mobs here are going to suck horribly! You'll be turning to ESP or Escaping to get through a lot of battles. Dimensn is a good ESP for it gets rid of all mobs including any exp you might have gotten. Better yet is Break2 which kills the mobs and you still get the experience! If things get too horrible, you can Teleport out from here to reequip and get supplies.

-= Core Tower -=
    And here you are, the last place. Being the final Tower you'll have to climb 8 floors to reach the top. Along the way you'll have to deal with plenty of one way doors and walls. Are you excited yet? So let's get with the killin' and the climbin'. Level 4 will have you going back down to Level 1 and then back up to 5. They really are going to milk this last place for your exploration enjoyment. There is a room on Level 5 with a one way door that will trap you. Only way is to cast Escape or Seceder outside... and start from level 1 again. Floors 6 and 7 are nothing but spirals so at least you get a break from all the false doors.
    Once on the top floor, make your way to the man by the computer and listen to his gibberish. Afterwards time for a fight! Heal up afterwards and talk to the man again. This time it's for real! Thundr3 and Gravitn work great here. After the long drawn out battle, walk up to the computer and you'll automatically use it.Mobs attack!

W I N N E R !

    Yup, you did it, you've entered the rare elite ranks of those few who've stuck it out and beaten STED. As you can see it can be done... but now you might be wondering if it was all worth it. Well, anyways the credits are not translated and eventually it will just sit there and you can jam out indefinitely to the closing song. Give yourself a nice hardy pat on the back.

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