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The walkthrough is broken down into four parts.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

P A R T  T H R E E

-= Northern Continent -=
    Make a mad dash north, for again, this new area is filled with tougher mobs. You'll quickly see the capital, so saunder on in.

-= Northern Continent's Capital -=
    As usual, kill, maim, level, get cash, and upgrade! Run north to the capital building.Northern Capital

    Man side the building lectures;
    "We need your help. Something terrible has come up. A hoard of monsters are causing us trouble."

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    - Oh. i forgot about the Barrier to the Bioroid System. You're gonna need a ton of energy to break it...
    - Go North to find Tript Village.
    - Monsters hit Tario Town, too.

    Okay, lots of stuff to upgrade, costing lots of money. Do what you can, though we are heading to another town. Might want to hold up to see what they have for sale.

    Okay, start by wandering off to the east. You'll again follow the cost and the mountains, they will turn north shortly. Go north until you see the mountains head off west. So now start going west a ways. You'll pass a ring of rocks... remember them and keep on west. Shortly there after, you'll be able to head north into a small little pass. You should see the village up ahead.

-= Tript Village -=
    Okay, you're not going to learn much now. But remember where that house is surrounded by water. All there is now is to level and equip if need be.Tript Village

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    - Did you know that people say the universe is a Star Ocean? (ha ha)
    - Volemb Village is to the northwest.
    - In Tario, it's hard to discern humans from ghosts of goblins!

    Pretty insane prices... but we are heading off to yet another village from here.
    Head north and just keep moving north. You'll hit the coast again, so follow it to the west now. Just a little trek and you soon should see...

-= Volemb Village -=
    Here you'll learn some new things that may just be important, or maybe not.Buying Changers

    This lady has something to say;

    "You can find a powerful ESP on the western peninsula."

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    - The eastern passage leads to Tario Town...
    - Taki Town is to the East. A magic crystal is nearby. (Not another one)

    Make sure you buy two Changers, it'll come in handy later on. There are more extremely expensive goodies here, so do what you need to to stay alive out there!

    Head east from the village, using the coast as your guide. Soon you'll see a bridge which you want to cross. After that is the remains of...

-= Tario Town -=
    This place is in very bad shape. Worst yet, you'll be attacked just as if you were wandering around outside! The mobs you can talk to will attack you also (they don't give cash or exp). So basically just use the 'Item' Changer. Now you are free to explore, enter buildings and converse with monsters.Tario Town

    In the house next to the weapon shop, some dude says;

    "Ooh... what amazing power! Can you help us? Our Crystal was stolen by monsters!" (Not another one!)

    Okay, so let's go find yet another lost crystal!

    Grab supplies if you are in need, you'll be traversing a tunnel to another island. From Tario, head south and follow the coast again. It'll turn east and soon lead to a peninsula. Enter the building and make your way through the tunnel. Once back on land, head east. You'll see the town on the other side of the water, so just make your way around to...

-= Taki Town -=
    Yup, yet another place.

    Some old guy in a building mumbles;

    "With this ESP, you'll be able to crush the defenses of almost ANY monster!"

    :: Other townsfolk info gleamed ::
    - Legend says there is a crystal south of here. If you help our village, maybe you'll find out more. (hmmm...)
    - Talk to Lyle if you see him
    - Psycho equipment existed in ancient times. Maybe you can find it..?

    Heh, some really good ESP here, but you really need to have patients to collect the cash needed. Psyshel increase the defense of the whole party.

    Cross the bridge, head south across another bridge and make your way to the center of those mountains. With a ScanPak on Gap, you'll see the area to search to recover Crystal! Well, unless you are saving up for some ESPs, you are finished on this island. Now march all the way back to Tario Town.

-= Tario Town, Revisited! -=
    Use another Changer and talk with the crystal wanting Guy. All you get is a thanks as the crystal is taken from you. Leave, and re-enter the town. All the mobs have cleared out and you can explore again, shops are back in business.Find the Crystal

    An old man in a house has this important info;

    "Mankind creates its own fate... The gate's password is 5193. The room of the shattered core lies beyond. Arrange the 3 gems. The path will lead to the core."

    Armed with another Password, bail outta town.
    Head all the way back to Tript Village and stock up if you need to. Head south from the village until you hit the clearing. Then head west until you hit the shores. You should be seeing a tower sitting out by it's lonesome on a peninsula. Take a deep breath and enter.

-= Tower 3, Northern Continent -=
    Again, battle you way to the 5th floor. The 3rd level is pretty annoying being made up of nothing but rooms. Easy to lose your barrings, a compass might be handy if you are getting lost. Just in case here are step by step instructions from the entrance to the 3rd level:

    Forward x2, Turn Right, Forward x4, Turn Right, Forward x2, Turn Left, Forward, Turn Right Forward until you find the stairs.The 4 rocks

    Beat down the boss, gain a seceder, 'search' the computer (LeadPak equipped), input 5193, and finally collect the BlueGem!!! Seceder or Escape out o' the tower.
    Remember the 4 rocks? Well, you might not have been told... but now that you have the 3 Gems, try walking in the middle of them (this was discovered by accident, because again it's pretty vague that you -were- supposed to merge the Gems). Now you'll see you have 'Item' Energy. There are a few more things to do before moving onto the central island Tower. Head back to Tript Village.

-= Tript Village, Revisited! -=
    Some guy in a house will comment on your Energy;

    "You... What the hell are you doing. Your energy is accumulating. Ugh... what have you done? What? That light!? Guoooooou! That... that... power..."

    And you are attacked! Defeat Warzun! You'll get the Psycho Sword as your reward and it's a very nice weapon for the main hero. Stock up and leave the village.
    There is yet another peninsula you want to visit now that you have the sword. Head north from Tript then move west. You should see the place, just wander around the trees and the lake until you get onto the bridge. Walk to the end and you'll find Psycho Gloves. Now head alllll the way back to the capital.

-= Northern Continent's Capital, Revisited! -=
    Talk with the man in the capital building;

    "Thank you. Finally, the starfield is peaceful. What? You have more work to do?"

    Well, stock up on supplies for a long haul. There is no coming back once you enter the central island Tower. Actually i lied. Make sure to save your game here for you -can- Teleport back from Core Island.

    Head south from the capital and enter the tunnel. Get through it and exit onto the central island. Now you can finally enter that tower.

-= Central Tower -=
    Many doors in this level will be empty, and you'll find three stairs to the top floor. You want the middle stairs.GLITCH!!

    I've experienced graphical glitches on the top floor. A path would be just black and sometimes the stairs would disappear! Savestate before venturing too far.

    Walk to the computer and 'search' it. Without much prompting... you are teleported to some island somewhere, the Core presumably.

P A R T  F O U R ---->

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