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Hardcore Mode

Getting Hardcore Mode
After you complete the game and save the world, you'll be prompted to save the game. Now, as you start from scratch with this save file, you'll have access to some extra goodies. Your Monster and Collecter's Books will be filled with everything you previously filled, and you'll finally be able to fight Arche in the Inferia Arena, and enter the extra dungeon; Nereid's Labryinth! Doesn't that sound like fun?!

You can, of course, cheat to get this. Here's how;

Complete the game and make a save (we'll assume this is save slot 2, since save slot 1 has your disc 3 savegame).
Play this new game and save as soon as you can in save slot 2, overwriting itself.
Open this save and immediately save the game over itself again.
Do a soft reset using the all the shoulder buttons plus start and select at once.
Now, load your original save, which is on disc 3 and has all your cool stuff on it.
Now, save this original save onto itself (save slot 1).
Notice the original save now has the green star!

There, you cheating scum, now your original savegame has access to all the extras, and you don't have to play the game all over again! Yay! Cheater! I'll get you one day though. -_-

Extra Stuff
  • Hardcore Battles option enabled in the 'Customize' menu.
    • Go to 'Customise' in the menu screen, and next to the 'Hard' mode there will be an uber-tough 'Hardcore' option.
  • Arche will appear next to Cless in the Inferia Arena battle in aforementioned Hardcore mode
    • Defeat all the Tournaments in the Inferia Arena and challenge Cress like you normally wiuld. If you have the difficult swicthed to 'Hardcore' then Arche will also take part in the fight on Cress' side.
  • The game's secret dungon; Nereid's Dungeon, is unlocked in the Orbus Barrier
    • Go to the surface f the Orbus Barrier from the Celestia Side and head south-east to reach a new, secret dungeon full of new and tough enemies.
  • Maxwell's extensions will be available after you fight one battle in Hardcore mode
    • All you have to do is fight a single Hardcore battle, and you will be allowed to use Maxwell's super-powerful extensions
  • Finally be able to complete the Monster Collection using the monsters in the Labryinth
    • Just what it says. The extra monsers will allow you to complete the book and get the King of Monsters title for Keele.
  • You'll be able to get the Ishtear Effect using the Hyper Gauntlets from the Labryinth
    • Equip the Excalibur, Golden Armor, Blue Shield, Golden Helm, Hyper Gauntlet and Jet Boots for a special state where Reid is invulnerable to status effects, regerantes HP and TP, and improves his Attack and Defence slightly. He also shines, for some reason.

Enemy Differences
  • Extra 50% of what their normal mode HP would be
  • More powerful Attack and Defence
  • They move faster and cast spells faster
  • They can now use combos and chain-cast magic, just like you can

Nereid's Labryinth
  • This place is accessible from the Celestia side of the surface of the Orbus Barrier
  • The placement of the pathways is truly random. This includes the screen you enter from, so don't walk in unless you know you're fully equipped, 'cause the exit isn't where you think it is. You'll not get out again fast unless you're very lucky or you beat one of the end-of-floor bosses.
  • Only one character can be used on a floor, and you can't use that character again until the sixth floor
  • Floors 1-3 end with an Elementeler boss, floor 4 has a Living Armor, floor 6 has Hyades (Imen-mode) and floor 6 has Nereid Regulus. All of these people are on the Bosses page, so read up if you're getting hammered.
  • The prizes are very damned good, as is the EXP. The fact that you can't get out easily kinda lowers this places attractiveness as a levelling location though.
  • Rewards for each floor are as follows from 1 to 6:
    • After defeating the Elementeler, Gungnir and Persha Boots
    • After defeating the Elementeler, Star Circlet and Mystic Symbol
    • After defeating the Elementeler, Star Helm and Blue Shield
    • After defeating the Living Armor, Star Cloak and Star Bracelet
    • After defeating Hyades, Gaia Cleaver and Reviverser
    • After defeating Nereid Regulus, Hyper Gauntlet (check the throne)
  • The President has been kidnapped by Nereid. Are you a bad enough dude to resuce the president?