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Throughout Tales of Eternia there will be many, many mini-games scattered through the world, to afford a break from the crushing monotony of walking around and hitting things with swords. Treasure them well.

Rasheans River Pier
Raft down Rahseans river, picking up gels as you go.
Only use the acceleration on the wide straights, as you'll just crash more. Unless you really want that title, don't use it at all.
The second time you do this and onwards, you can get 1 apple Gel per 4 Gels picked up on the course. Get under 1 minute 6 seconds for Master Coxwain title for Reid
Craymel Ball
Dodge the huge ball and try and knock it into your opponent.
Use the fact that like colours repel to your advantage. Try and get the girl on the opposite side of the ball from you and then forcing the ball towards her.
Pro Roller title on Disc 1, Master Roller on Disc 2-3 for Reid.
Stone-Piles (Arithmetic)
Pick stones off a pile. Last one to pick a stone loses.
Easy. If you pick up a stone and all the remaining piles are multiples of four, you are guarenteed to win. Otherwise you will lose.
Mathemetician title for Reid, Melange Gel
Pop all the balloons under the time limit.
Slash as fast as you can and don't stop. Placement changes for each challenge, so use the different skills. Tempest Strike works well here.
King of Balloons title for reid
Cook a meal using ingredients given to you.
Level up the recipe you must cook to at least 4 before trying this, then choose the correct ingredients from the Cooking screen, and an extra thing depending on what they say (ie 'zesty' would be a Lemon)
3-Star Chef, Kitchen Star and Warrior Chef titles for Farah
Craymel Express - Letter Delivery
Imen Station
Slow down in time to deliver letters.
Add one to braking half-way there, then add another when Meredy shouts out, then increase power fully as you are almost there.
Choo-Choo Girl title for Meredy
Craymel Express - Bombing Run
Luishka Station
Blow up your pursuers with bombs.
Throw the bomb at '6' as soon as the enemy's first cart comes fully on the screen.
Mine of Gnome and Jini casino
Card-game. Very annoying.
Relies on luck to win. very annoying.
Win in Jini with over 1000 points for WHIS Master title, or under 1000 for Hustler title for Reid
Race Around Celestia
Peruti docks
Race around checkpoints across Celestia world map (see Sidequests)
Checkpoints for the race are on the Sidequests page.
First Officer title for Chat
Carousel Sushi
Eat as much expensive food as you can.
Try to eat as many yellow-outlined plates as you can, and drink when your bar gets to half-red to replenish speed.
King of Hunger title for Reid
Ocean Wars
Shizel Castle and a Games Room on Val Eltia
Destroy the other ships with the Craymel Cannon
Charge the cannon as soon as you see a ship about to come on screen on the radar, then fire when they're directly in front, since action pauses as you fire.
Jini dance hall
Stay within the spotlight as the music plays
Just stay as close to the centre of the light as you can. You'll probably need to do this more than once to memorise the lighting pattern though.
Get over 8.00 points for Dance Queen title for Meredy, get over 8.00 in two-player mode for Star Dancer title for Reid

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