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Throughout the game you'll come across Lens, invisible items hidden in weird places. If you collect enough of these and hand them to Irene at the top of the first screen in Chambard, you'll get some pretty nice items. However they're almost impossible to find without a guide or examining every sqaure inch of the world, so here's a handy list! Aren't I nice?

  • 10 Lens - Combo Command
  • 20 Lens - Inferi Cape
  • 30 Lens - Celesti Cape
  • 40 Lens - Extreme
  • 50 Lens - Krona Symbol
  • 60 Lens - Lens Hunter title for Reid

Lens Locations
Disc 1
 Chest in the basement of Reid's house

Mossy door of the abandoned windmill, first screen from the entrance
Regulus Dojo
Decoration next to the vase inside the far right room of the dojo

Table inside the second room (from the right) of the dojo
Left-hand tree near the two girls who play Craymel Ball
Machine inside Water Craymel Laboratory in the University
Mt. Mintche Observatory
Chest at the bottom left of the screen
Nostos Cave
Wood Pile two screens above the dead man and eggbears
Fireplace of Mazet's house
Undine Stream
Nearly-hidden tree near the second path of shallow water at the first screen
Forest of Temptation
Roots behind the middle statue in the clearing with all five statues
Inferia City
Plant near the stairs inside Imperial Playhouse
Drawers beside the bed inside the guest's room of Inferia Castle
Paper below the telescope inside Observation Room, top floor of Royal Observatory
Inferia Port
Barrels near the ship which goes to Port Barole
Port Barole
Nearly-hidden boxes near the stairs
Gold vase in the Shop of Desire
Sylph Cavern
At the area outside with three small pathways (middle route makes you fall), search the right edge of the screen
Tableo on the first floor of Chambard Bistro
Efreet Gorge
Chest inside the bottom door in the area with three doors (need Sorcerer's Ring to open)
Farlos Sanctuary
Wardrobe inside the bedroom
World Map/Misc
South-west from Sylph Cavern, go to the bottom left edge of the continent
Northwest of Chambard on an island, then go to the left edge of said island
Take the 2nd class ship ride from Inferia to Barole and search the jars in the room next to your room
Disc 2
Cape Fortress
Search moss above stairs
Glass table in Meredy's house
Gnome Village
Lower-left of village, behind houses
Box below the stove inside the far-left room in Basement Level 4
Crate above the vegetables inside the far-right door at Basemenet Level 1
Mt. Celcius snowpile where you fell down nearwhere you get Battle Pick, Sage and Miracle Gel
Peruti (after thawing)
Tree at upper left screen
Cart with crabs inside at port
Imen (destroyed)
Smashed glass display case inside weapon shop
statue of Gnome at top-right screen
Shileska's Hideout
Chest inside Max's office
Ruins of Volt
Stone tablet at the first screen (recived automatically after scene)
Balir Castle
barrel where you make port
Chest at the right wing tower (after opening door using Sorcerer's Stone)
Seyfert Shrine
Right lightbulb
Aifread's Cavern
crate near the entrance
Room where you find Aifread's statue; search the anchor
Slot machine at casino
Table at upper right corner of auction hall
Upper right heater of dance hall, strange glowing thingy
Mt. Farlos
Stonepile behind the Load Crystal at the top of the mountain
Van Eltia
Upper-right side of the engine in the engine room
Van Eltia (after gaining Aifish)
Barrel on Viewing Deck
Left-hand Aifish (the one with blue glass)
Tomb of Aifread
Box at upper left screen at Oriental section (near the bridge where you're attacked)
Inferia Hideout 3 (141,1 underwater)
Plant near the chests
Disc 3
Rasheans Forest
Leftmost piece of Meredy's exploded ship
Craymel Hot Springs
Barrel with hot water at the entrance
Sink in the men's changing room
Katz Village
Pot near the ladder at the first house
Pot beside the sink in the pink house (in the second screen where Reid slept)
World Map (Inferia)
Use Aibird to get to 159,130 and search that area

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