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Here is a smattering of files and things I've made available for you to download that make your playing of Zelda more enjoyable or easier.


I have recorded movies of myself beating every dungeon in the game in the event that it may help some of you get through them. I used v0.42 of Nesticle (Windows version), I suspect you need that version or better to play. To load a movie, copy the .nsm file into your save game directory. Then, when you have the zelda rom opened (mine is called zelda.nes) select "NES Movie" from the CPU menu. Click on load, then type in the name of the movie and it should play for you.

Level 1 - The Eagle
Level 2 - The Moon
Level 3 - The Manji
Level 4 - The Snake
Level 5 - The Lizard
Level 6 - The Dragon
Level 7 - The Demon
Level 8 - The Lion
Level 9 - Death Mountain
Zip file of all 9 dungeons

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