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Overworld Map

Here is the Overworld map of Hyrule for the first quest in Zelda. Since my Overworld map can be pretty big, I have different versions up for you, high and low bandwidth versions. They're further divided by "spoiler" maps (those that have secrets revealed, dungeons labeled, etc.) and "non-spoiled" maps (those that don't). The high bandwidth ones were screen-captured by Last Cetra, and the low bandwidth ones by Da Lizard. And that's not all! I also have the official Zelda manual/guide's map scanned, courtesy of Orakio. Be warned, it HAS some spoilers.

Click on the map version you would like to see.
High Bandwidth
WITH Spoilers withOUT Spoilers
Low Bandwidth
WITH Spoilers withOUT Spoilers
Original Manual/Guide Map Scans
Page 1
with Spoilers!
Page 2
with Spoilers!

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