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The Enemies

Here is a Who's-Who guide to the enemies found in Zelda. The list is organized alphabetically, except when there is a "pairing" of similar enemies (like the blue and red octorocks, etc). It is also divided between Overworld and Underworld enemies. The enemy health will be displayed by number of hits to kill with the regular sword, white sword, and the magical sword respectively. The Location field will tell you Overworld Map coordinates or which dungeons they can be found in, depending on the monster.

Overworld Enemies
Name of Enemy Picture Description Enemy Health How does it attack? How do I kill it? Typical Location
Armos A statue that comes to life when you touch it. 3/2/1 After being awakened, the Armos moves either slowly or quickly around the screen and tries to run into you. Striking it with your sword is best. Found mainly in the mountains of the Overworld and around Dungeon entrances.
Ghini The ghost with the most. 9/5/3 There usually is only one Ghini on-screen at one time. However touching more gravestones release more of them. They float around and try to hit you. Avoid touching gravestones and strike the main Ghini with your sword, his death will dissipitate any others in the area. The graveyard in the far west of the Overworld
Leever A uh, thing, that lives underground. Sort of like Tremors, without Kevin Bacon. 2/1/1 It tries to surprise you by popping out of the ground without much forwarning and then run towards you. Keep your distance, be nimble for when they're about to pop up, and strike them with your sword. Stunning them with the boomerang helps. In certain spots around the lake in Hyrule, and especially in the desert.
A stronger and faster Leever. 4/2/1 Same as the Red Leever, but a bit faster. Same as before, but you need to move even faster to keep your damage down. Rarer than the Red Leever, but found in the same general locations. Most prominent in the desert.
Lynel A centaur with a big freakin' sword. 4/2/1 The Lynel wanders around and will shoot its sword at you (like Link can). He does more damage if you run into him. Keep your distance and block his attacks with your Large Shield. The mountains of Hyrule (most in the Northwest).
A stronger version of his Red brother. 6/3/2 The same as the red one. The same as before, keep in mind it'll take more hits to bring him down. Blue Lynels are generally in the same area as Red ones, but they aren't as frequent.
Molblin A bulldog like arrow spittin' baddy. 2/1/1 They wander around and shoot arrows at you. Block his shots with your shield and counter punch with the sword. Boomerange when needed. The deeper forests of Hyrule (around the 2nd and 3rd dungeons especially).
The stronger big brother of the Molblin family. 3/2/1 Same arrow spewin' tactics as the other. Same as before, only it takes more hits. Near the same areas as the Red variety.
Octorok The bread and butter of Ganon's Overworld security squad. 1/1/1 The octorok runs around the map and shoots small rocks at you which are easily blockable. Slice and dice with your sword. The forest fringes of Hyrule and around the lake are its most common locations.
The Red Octorok's bigger and badder version. 2/1/1 Same as the Red kind, only it moves faster. Whack it with the sword. Same locations as the Red Octorok, but not quite as frequent (especially around the Start screen).
Peahat A spinning top that flies around the screen. 2/1/1 The Peahat flies around randomly and tries to hit you. Wait for it to stop moving and then stab it with your sword, it is invincible when flying. The Peahats can be found anywhere, but they generally are found north of Hyrule's equator.
Rock These rocks fall down off the mountains and will damage you if you're not careful. N/A They avalanche down and may strike you. You can't, just avoid them. In the more treacherous areas of the Hyrulian mountains (top part of the Overworld).
Tektite Giant spider/crabs that jump around and have one eye. 1/1/1 It leaps all over the screen and tries to hit you. It can jump on top of rocks. Keep your distance, stun them with your boomerang, and slice them with your sword. They tend to lurk in rocky areas.
An even faster Tektite. 1/1/1 Same, only faster. Ditto. Same general area, rarer than it's slower brethern.
Zora Lurks in the water, shoots a ball of energy at you. 2/1/1 It fires a ball of energy that relatively homes in on you. It can't be blocked with the small shield. If you want to defeat Zora with your regular sword then you must strike it two times in a row before it goes back underwater to regenerate. It is better to wait till you get the White sword or better, and shoot Zora with it. Generally easier to avoid her though. Anywhere along the coastline or in Lake Hyrule.

Underworld Enemies
Name of Enemy Picture Description Enemy Health How does it attack? How do I kill it? Typical Location
Bubble A glowing ball that roams around some dungeons. N/A It runs around the screen, and if it hits you you can't use your sword for a few seconds. You can't. Just avoid it. Dungeons 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
Darknut An armor clad baddy with a sword. 4/2/1 He roams around the screen and tries to hit you with his sword. You can't hurt him from the front, so you have to strike him from the side or behind. Dungeons 3, 5, 8
An even stronger and faster Darknut. 8/4/2 Same as his compadre. Same method, but be careful, a room full of these guys is not easy to clear. Dungeons 5, 8
Floor Trap A spiked ball that clashes together with its partner in a straight line. N/A When you get between the two Traps, they crash together hoping to catch you in the middle. You can't, either run straight through their line of sight, or get back as they clash and then move across when they go back to their starting locations. Dungeons 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9
Gel A little gooey thing that moves slowly around the screen. 1/1/1 It slithers around and hopes to get lucky by striking you. They're arguably the easiest enemy in the game, strike them with your sword. Throwing your boomerang at them kills them too. Dungeons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
Gibdo A slow moving but strong Mummy. 7/4/2 It roams around the screen and tries to hit you. The Gibdo can take more damage than many enemies, so keep hacking it with your sword. Dungeons 5, 8
Goriya The first enemy of any difficulty you'll meet. 3/2/1 It roams around the screen, throwing its boomerang at you. Stun them with your boomerang and then close for the kill. Dungeons 1, 2, 7
An even stronger Goriya. 5/3/2 Same as before, but it's boomerang travels farther. Until you get the White Sword, drop a bomb near them, and then hit them with your sword and they should die. Dungeons 2, 7
Keese A bat. 1/1/1 It flies around the screen, and after a while it slows down like the Peahat. Either throw your boomerang at it or hit them with your sword. Easier to kill when they've stopped moving. All Dungeons
A faster Keese. Rats with wings. 1/1/1 Same as before. Same tactics. Dungeons 4, 6, 9
Lanmola A big centipede that crawls around. 2/1/1 per segment Standard Ganon enemy procedure, roam around the screen trying to hit you. Destroy each of its segmented sections then its head to do him in. Dungeon 9
An even stronger and faster Lanmola. 2/1/1 per segment Same as before, but a lot more faster. Same method as the Red Lanmola. Dungeon 9
Like Like The most annoying enemy in the game. 9/5/3 It roams around the screen, looking for you. If it touches you it'll swallow you and you lose your large shield! Keep your distance! Then batter the hell out of him, they can take a pounding too. Dungeons 4, 6, 9
Moldorm A big worm that crawls around. 2/1/1 per segment Standard Ganon enemy procedure, roam around the screen trying to hit you. Destroy each of its segmented sections to do him in. Dungeons 2, 7
Patra A big flying eye with a bunch of its children flying around it. 6/3/2 per Patra Baby It moves around the map, sending out its little buddies in a big circle hoping to hurt you. Kill its flying friends, then go for the big eye. Dungeon 9
11/6/3 Patra Eye
Pols Voice A big...rabbit, thing. 10/5/3 It jumps around the screen hoping to harm you. It can take a lot of sword damage, but it's very weak against arrows, so use those. Dungeons 5, 8
Rope A cobra. 1/1/1 It roams around the map, and when it is in your line of sight it comes running towards you. Stand on the lines instead of the floor tiles to throw off its rush attack, and zap it with your sword. Dungeons 2, 7
Stalfos A skeleton dude with a sword in each hand. 2/1/1 It roams around the map hoping to hit you. Use your mad swording skillz. Dungeons 1, 7
Vire A winged demon. Kinda pudgy too. 1/1/1 It jumps around the screen hoping to hurt you. Slice him open with your sword and two Red Keese pop out. If you hit it with the Magical Sword then two Red Keese will not pop out. Dungeons 4, 6, 9
Wallmaster A giant hand that lurks around boss lairs. 2/1/1 It emerges from the walls and floats over, hoping to grab you. Keep your distance and go medieval on him with your sword. Dungeons 1, 7
Wizrobe An evil wizard with a wand. 4/2/1 It teleports around the room, hoping to catch you in its line of sight to zap you with its wand. Stay out of their line of sight!!! If you have the White Sword or Magical Sword slash them up. If you have a few bombs to spare then go ahead and lay one down to kill it in one shot. Dungeons 6, 9
An even harder wizard, one of the hardest enemies in the game. 10/5/3 It floats around the room, hoping to catch you in its line of sight to zap you multiple times with its wand so BEWARE. Stay out of their line of sight!!! If there are a lot of these guys bunched up together and you have a couple of bombs to spare then lay one or two down to weaken them. After bombing them, cut these bad boys up with your mighty blade. Dungeons 6, 9
Zol A bigger, but still easy, goo enemy. 1/1/1 It roams around the room hoping to get lucky like its younger Gel brothers. Slash them apart with your sword. If you hit it with the regular sword then two Gels pop out. Dungeons 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

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