Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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The Walkthrough

Behold mortals, and despair! I is the walkthrough, if you are stuck at some spot in the game then this is your new favorite webpage :P

1. So, You Wanna Be A Hero?
2. I'll Take Dungeon One On With Me Bare Fists! ...Or, Maybe Not
3. Dungeon One - Skellys and Bats and Goo, Oh My!
4. Treasure Hunting Part 1
5. Treasure Hunting Part 2
6. Over The Hill And Through The Woods To Dungeon Two We Go
7. Dungeon Two - Snakes, Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?
8. Treasure Hunting Part 3 - To Dungeon Three
9. Dungeon Three - Go Go Gumdrop Rangers!
10. Treasure Hunting Part 4 - To Dungeon Four
11. Dungeon Four - I, Gleeok, Will Knock You All Down!
12. Treasure Hunting Part 5 - To Dungeon Five
13. Dungeon Five - Music To My Ears
14. Dungeon Six - Is That A Wand In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

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