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Treasure Hunting Part III and to Dungeon 3
Hokey Religions And Ancient Weapons Are No Match For A Good White Sword At Your Side, Kid.

Alright, Level Two is finito, but now we're going to equip ourselves a little more before heading on to the third dungeon. But first, make sure you have at least 80 rupees, or, if you haven't yet bought a potion like I did before level 2, 108. If you're short on cash go back down to level 2 and clear out some snakes until you do. Once that is done, go Down one screen, Right one screen, and then Up two more.
Ok, you're now here. We're going back across the desert now, as usual be wary of the Leevers and the Peahats at the end. Go Left six screens.
Phew, made it! Now we are going to go Up one screen, and then Right three more screens. Be careful of the falling rocks, you can't block or destroy them so just dodge your way past them and Zora.
Alright, when you get to here fight through the Red Tektites and the climb the stair way at the right side of the screen.
You will now be here, at the top of the waterfall. In the lake there is Zora, and a new enemy is roaming around too, the Blue Lynel. Be careful, he packs a serious punch. Either block his attacks with your shield while counterattacking with your sword, stun him with the boomerang, or just maneuver past him. Head for the cave at the upper left corner.
It's that old man, from scene 24! Looks like he wants to give us something, ooo, it's's...a SWORD! Rar! Run over and scoop it up and balance it at the end of your hand (once you get five hearts you can wield this). This sword replaces your old rusty one and does twice the damage. Test it out on Zora, that annoying enemy you've never been able to kill yet as proof :P After putting out the disappearing old man's campfires exit the cave.    

Alright, now from the waterfall screen we need to backtrack a bit. Go Down one screen, Left three screens, Down one screen, and then Right one more. You'll be here, with the Peahats. Now, go four screens Down for the next step.
If you did that correctly you should now be here. We now want to go Left four screens, you'll end up back at the potion shop we visited earlier. If you don't already have a red or blue potion buy one for 68 rupees.    

Now go Up two screens. You'll find yourself here, there is a cave along the wall. Enter it and you'll find another shop. The item we're interested in is the arrows, for 80 rupees. Buy them and exit the cave.
Now we're going to be entering new territory. Go Down one screen and Left one screen. You'll be in some brown woods with Molblins. If you are a little lean on health go Up one screen, there's a fairy fountain there. Once you're all set, go Down one screen.

After going down, go Left one screen. See the row of single bushes? Align yourself with the one I have in my screenshot, and torch it with the candle. Voila, another secret and...another 100 rupees!! r0x0r. Thank the treacherous Molblin and exit the cave.
We're almost finished, go Right one screen, Down one screen and then Right one screen again. And here we are, Dungeon Three. Ready, steady...go!


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