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Dungeon 3 - Go Go Gumdrop Rangers!

Alrighty, here we are. Dungeon 3 must use funky disco lighting because Link looks a bit different for some reason. Anyway, go Left one screen.
Oh god, Ganon has resurrected his latest crack team of troops, the Gumdrop Rangers, to impede your progress! Actually, the thingers are called Zols, and if you had struck one with your rusty sword they would turn into two Gels. But since we got this uber-weapon of ours you can dispatch of them in one hit. They're so easy it's almost funny. Slaughter 'em, grab the key, and go Up one screen.
More sad-looking Gumdrop Rangers for you to dispatch with. Man this dungeon seems easy so far. Beat 'em up, get the key and go Up another screen.
Eek! It's my second-least favorite enemy in the game, the Darknuts! Stop laughing about the name. Stop. Ok. Now, these guys are tricky, they're armored in the front so you can only hit them from the back and sides. They also do an entire heart's worth of damage. It's going to take two sword strikes to do the job. You could also use bombs, but I feel like the sword is the better option. I suggest practice fighting them in this room, so kill all three rather than avoiding them. You get 4 bombs as a reward but I suggest leaving them for now unless you're missing a few. After this, go Left one screen.
This room is pretty straight forward, just four Bats but don't fall for the Floor Traps. Get the compass and go Left again through the locked door.
    Oh lordo, now you see why we practiced against the Darknuts before? You need to kill all of these guys in order to gain access to the barred door. So be as nimble as you can, maneuver yourself around to their blind spots and start slashing. Once this job is done go Down one screen.
Holy Darknuts Batman! There's a swarm of them in this room. Don't bother trying to kill them all, you'll only get four bombs as a reward. Just maneuver yourself down the stairs as well as you can while taking as little damage as possible. Down here you'll find the Raft, we'll need it for a few things after this dungeon is over. Loft it over your head (heavy, ain't it?) and go back up the stairs and then go Up one screen from the Darknuts swarm.    

Ok, we're out of the Darknuts nest and back to the room we just cleared. From here, go Right two screens. You'll end up back where we fought the three Darknuts. Go Up one screen, get the key from the Zols and go back, nothing of real value really within those locked doors. Bomb the right wall in the Darknuts room and enter the hole you made.
Alright, more sword-boys here. Fight them if you really want, but you can skip them without losing anything of value. Either way, go Up one screen when you're ready. The map is here with minimal security, but we're so close to the end it's not even of much value now. Grab it and bomb the right wall again. Enter it to fight the boss!    
    Ok, the boss here is Manhandla. I wouldn't bother using your red potion before the battle unless you're really short of health, since if we do things right the fight won't last long. Each of its four heads shoot unblockable fireballs at you, and you have to lop off all four heads to kill it. Also, with every head you knock off it moves faster. In order to beat him the best strategy is to pull out your bombs (this is why there were so many to be had in this level). Move to a position where he is about to roam towards, and drop a bomb. It's possible to kill him with one bomb drop, but if you only get two or three just repeat the process until it's dead. Don't use a potion unless you get down to almost no health, since after beating him we'll be refilled. After vanqiushing him grab your Heart Container reward and go Up.
Ta-da! Another Piece of the Triforce. Heft it up, pump your fist to the heroic music, and we're back at the entrance. Onward ho!


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