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Secrets and Tricks

These are various secrets and tricks in this game that can help you make your quest easier.

Free Door Unlock at Level 1 Dungeon
When you enter the level 1 dungeon you will notice that the door to the north is locked. Just exit the dungeon and re-enter the dungeon again. This time the door to the north is now unlocked without you having to use or find a key.

Lost Forest Secret Solution
To get through the Lost Forest you have to travel north, then west, then south, and then west again. You will then hear a little ring tune and exit the Lost Forest.

Lost Hills Secret Solution
To get through the Lost Hills you have to travel north four times in a row. You will then hear a little ring tune and exit the Lost Hills.

Hidden Save Screen
Pause the game with the Start button on controller one. Now with the second controller, hold the Up button and press A. A screen you show up giving you the options to Continue, Save, or Retry. Select the Save option and your game is saved.

Rupy Cash Flow
Make sure that you have at least 10 rupies and the gambling spot, one screen left of the game start location, revealed. Go to the gambling spot and play. If you win then save your game with the Save Screen Trick listed above. If you lose then try again by selecting the Retry option with the Save Screen Trick and go back to the gambling spot. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of rupies you want.

Limit Enemy Re-Spawning
When you kill all the enemies on one screen eventually they will re-spawn back in time. To make your quest easier, kill every enemy on each screen you travel through except one. When the re-spawning occurs, the areas with one enemy will not re-spawn more enemies.

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