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Treasure Hunting Part IV and to Dungeon 4
One Ring to Blue Them All

Scratch Dungeon 3 off the list. What's that? Time to go to dungeon 4? Whoa whoa, cool down there firecracker, let's do some treasure hunting beforehand mmmkay? What we're going to do first is acquire an item that will increase our armor and our staying power. But before we head out, make sure you have close to 250 rubees, you should be pretty close with all the treasure hunting and monster stomping we've been doing. If you still have a long way to 250, check my Overworld Map for treasure locations for hidden money spots we haven't unearthed yet, or go fight some monsters, Dungeon 2 is a great place to get some fast cash. Assuming you're pretty close to 250 right now though, go Left one screen and then Up two screens from the entrance to Dungeon 3.
You should now be here, if you're missing any health go Up one screen to get a refill from the fairy fountain, otherwise head Right one screen and then Up two screens.
You're now here, an isolated corner of Hyrule, strewn with statues and blue Leevers. First, clear out the Leevers, then touch the middle statue in the top row. Egad! A hidden stairwell. Go down it.
Why, it's another friendly grizzled shop owner, and he has some items to sell us. "Boy, this is really expensive!" What we want is the blue ring, walk over it and claim it as your own! It may cost a bundle but it will prove invaluable. After exiting the cave, you will now see that your suit has changed color, and now all damage you'd normally take is halved! Pretty swell eh? Just don't get caught calling the ring your precious.    
But, that ring was quite the hit on the wallet, and we didn't even have to buy it for a girlfriend, oy vey. Let's make a couple of pitstops to get some phat cash before going to Level 4. Go Down two screens.
You should now be at the first screenshot. Next, head Left three screens and you'll reach the second screenshot; there are a bunch of shrubs and blue Molblins here. Kill the varmints, and then burn the bottom-righthand tree (check the screenshot for a visual). Go down the stairs and you'll get ten rubees for your troubles.    


Now, go Right two screens, and then Down two more. You should be at the first screenshot. Go Left two screens, but be sure to take the bottom fork for the first move left. Bomb where I show in the screenshot, and a cave will open up. Thirty more rubees are yours for the taking.
Alright, let's get on over to Level 4 to show off our latest fashion statement to Ganon's hordes. Go Right two screens, and then Up two more, you should be at the first screenshot. If you want to refill your health go up one to the fairy fountain, otherwise go Right two screens.
You'll now be here. See that dock across the river? That's where we want to go. Go one screen Down, cross the bridge, and then go Up one screen.
Ah, the dock at last, we finally have a use for the Raft. Walk onto the dock and then keeping walking forward, your little Raft will come out and you'll slide on over across the lake. You're not quite Tom Sawyer, but it'll do. Once you reach the other side you'll see the gaping face of Dungeon 4 leering at you. Unsheath your sword, arm the boomerang, and let's get rolling.    


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