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Treasure Hunting Part I
Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Ok, we've exited the first dungeon and are plotting our next move. Notice your money supply, you should've picked up a good many rupees while trapsing around down there. As long as you've got 20 or more, let's go get some powerups shall we? Head Right one screen and Down two. Whether you fight or flee is up to you.
You should now be here, now we're going to go Right one screen and then Up one screen. Watch out for the Peehats, they spin around like tops and can only be hurt when they stop moving. Zola is lurking in the lake too, and she's always a pain until later.
After you kill the octorocks here you'll notice you can go either Right or Up. If you're missing health go Up one screen to be healed at the fairy fountain, if not then go Right and fight or avoid the the blue Tektites. Enter the cave that they are guarding.
Here we are given a choice of three items to buy. The Large Shield is the most appealing, but don't worry we'll be able to find it cheaper somewhere else. Buy the bombs for 20 rupees, you shouldn't have any yet. After you buy them, the merchant will dematerialize into the cosmic ether, once again leaing his campfires like the old man who gave you your sword. Oh well. Exit the cave, we're going to go deface the landscape!
Ok now that we've got our strip mining devices...go back to the start screen. Yeah I know we just trekked all the way over here, but trust me it saves us time in the long run. Just angle your way south and west until you get there. Ok. From the start go up one screen. Place one of your bombs where I have in the screenie, slightly to the left of the jutting rocks, and a cave will be blown open! Enter...    
Looks like some of Ganon's Moblins are conscientious objectors, this fellah doesn't seem to want to fight but is instead offering you some shinies. Walk over the rupee to be rewarded with 30 of them. Exit the cave and prepare to move out. Our insatiable greed is not quenched this easily.
Alright, after exiting the cave we are now going to go four screens to our Right, you should be at the same spot my screenshot shows. After that go one screen Down. Kill the Red Leevers and dodge Zola, and then place a bomb where I have on the rock wall (a couple paces to the left of where you came from). Enter this cave.


Why, it's that old man who's been following us around everywhere again. This time he's hawking two items, and we're able to take one for free! Don't take the potion! you can always buy them and the other item is far more valuable. Walk over this Heart Container and booya, your life meter just was extended by another heart! 'Course, the dude teleports away from us again leaving his campfires, we shall meet again...
Ok, now we want to go Up three screens and Left one screen. You should be back now at the same screen where we bought our bombs. If you're lean on health I suggest going Left one and Up one screen back to that fairy fountain we found.

Whether you choose to go to the fairy fountain or not, from the cave screen we are going to want to go Up two screens and then Right two screens. Be careful! We're traveling through the desert and the blue and red leevers can do a number on you if you aren't nimble. You should now be at the same spot my screenshot shows. Bomb where I have placed my bomb and another cave should open up! Once again you have a choice between a red potion and a heart container. Choose the container and exit.
Ok, now in all likelihood you've picked up some more bombs, but you should still have at least one more right? Go Right one screen. You're now by the sea again. Place a bomb where I have and another cave is opened up, this one has another cowardly Moblin who is willing to give you 30 more rupees. Exit the cave.    
    Alright, we're down to the last two stops on our bombing run. First, after exiting the cave go Up one screen and Right one screen. Travel up the stairs here, it leads to a cave. Inside this cave is yet another old fogey, this one is telling you to bring a letter to an old woman somewhere. Enjoy it, it's the only sidequest in the game :P Grab the letter and exit down the stairs, we'll deliver it later.
Now go Right one screen. You should be in an area with a bunch of trees and one open-mouthed tree that looks similar to the one that lead to the first dungeon. Inside the tree is a gambling game, but don't bother it with it unless you want to gamble away your shinies. Align yourself approximately where I have along the rock wall, and press up. You should travel through a secret passageway that leads to a very rewarding secret. Enter the gate before you.    
You'll come across another Moblin. This one however is going to give you a big payout, 100 rupees! Now we're rolling in the dough, you'll notice in my screenshot I know have over 230 rupees, keep in mind the max you can carry is 255 so don't try and hoard too much. So there we are, with a cost of a measley 20 bucks we've more than recouped our money situation and we've added two more hearts to our meter. Not to mention the letter, which will be important in a little bit. What do we do next? Can you say, shopping spree? Head back to the start screen, let's go buy some stuff.


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