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Treasure Hunting Part II
Fire in the Hole!

    Ok, from the start we're going to want to Up one screen and then Left one screen. There is a cave there. After entering it you will see a merchant offering you some items to buy. Don't bother with the key or the shield, but grab the Blue Candle for sixty rupees. Woohoo! Now we can indiscriminately torch shrubberies without any regard for the local wildlife! Keep in mind with the Blue Candle you only get one burn per screen. Exit the cave.
Now we want to go Left two screens. You should see another cave before you, and if you enter it you will see an old woman just grumpily sitting there saying nothing. Select the Letter in your inventory, walk up to her, and press B. Voila! After being cheered up by the old man's love letter, she will now offer you potions to buy. If you have more than 158 rupees buy the red one for 68, never ever buy a blue potion! The red potion will fill up all your life twice, so it's handy in dungeons. If you can't afford it don't worry, just skip to the shield part of this page. If you are rich like me, grab a red potion and exit the cave.    

    Now go Right one screen (we were just here remember?) and then Up one screen and go Right again (cross the bridge before going Up). You should be right where my first screenshot shows, align yourself with the lower left bush, get a little bit aways from it, and fire your candle. The burning bush will now give you the ten commandme--wait, wrong story. The bush should now burn to the ground, leaving a staircase. Enter it and another deserting Moblin will fork over ten rupees. Exit the cave
Alright, up to this point in the game Zola, that fishy dude who pops out of the water and shoots at you, has been a real pain. Well now we're going to eliminate a lot of our worry for that fishy fellow. Go Up one screen. Align yourself up and burn the corner bush as I did. Another staircase should open up. If you enter it you are confronted by another merchant. He thinks his items are expensive, but since he hasn't been reading Shields Monthly he doesn't know the latest price trends. Buy the Large Shield for ninety rupees. This shield is capable of blocking Zola's shots and basically every other projectile in the game, it's going to be very handy as we venture deeper. Now exit the cave, we're not done burning down this forest just yet.    

Now go Right one screen. More bushes! You know what that means :P Get across from the fifth bush from the right side and zap it with your candle o' burning. More stairs. This one leads to another Heart Container dude! Yoink it from his lair, heft it over your head, and run out before he tells you that he changed his mind about giving it to you for free.    
    Now go Right one screen again. Torch the first bush in the third row from the top. As usual, walk down the stairs and you'll be rewarded with another thirty rupees. We're recouping our money pretty nicely now eh? Exit the cave, we have one more stop on our Bush Burning bonanza.
From here go Up two more screens. You should be in an area with Peahats and Zola. Line up by the bottom bush in the second row and torch that suckah. Jaunt down the stairs and you get, more rupees! Thirty to be exact. At least Ganon pays his defecting soldiers well.

Ok, we've now spent at least 150 rupees and as many as 218 if you grabbed the potion too. We've also snagged back 70 of it via Moblins. Don't worry about the missing cash, Dungeon Two is a great place to earn shinies, we can pick up a little bit on our way there, and also I still have some sekkret locations up my sleeve after we vanquish Level Two. Speaking of the second level, let's go pay it a visit, shall we?


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