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I'll Take Dungeon One On With Me Bare Fists! ...Or, Maybe Not

Our hero appears to have been air dropped in and is ready to take on Ganon's hordes. Let's see here, Shield? Check. Goofy green hat? Check. Sword, the most basic implement for medieval fighting? ...D'oh! We must've left it in our other pair of tights. Go check the black smudge (err, cave) at the top of the screen.
Don't worry about the missing sword, there appears to be quite the thriving market of "Old Men With Free Weapons to Distribute" around here. I wonder if he belongs to the medieval NRA. Go trample all over the sword to get it. Remember: Swords are to be liked, not talked about! ">
"> Darhar! The old man's blade is ours! Balance it at the end of your hand with pride, Link, and repeat after me, "This is my sword, there are many like it, but this one is mine..."
Err, where'd he go? Any self-respecting citizen of Hyrule knows that you're supposed to stamp out your cavefires before leaving! Honestly. Exit the cave with your newfound instrument of justice. ">
Now our mission begins in earnest. After exiting the screen go right. Your objective is to go up to the next screen. You can fight the Octorocks if you want to, shoot your sword at them by pressing A. Just remember, if you lose even half a heart, you can't shoot your blade any more. Talk about an inability to perform. *drum roll* I advise staying alive over merciless Octo-slaughter.
The same deal, flee/smash your way upwards again. ">
This time we're being assaulted by burrowing spinning tops. I suggest even more than before to just go upwards, those guys are annoying en masse.
This time we're being hit with a curveball, go left instead of up over the bridge. The blue Octorocks take two sword slashes to just one for the Red guys. ">
Here we are at last. If you don't get here without full health, then you might as well just reload/restart, it's annoying going through there without your shooting beam-blade. The fearsome maw of Dungeon One looms before us. And even though it looks just like a yawning tree, it really is dangerous...yeah.


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