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Treasure Hunting Part V and to Dungeon 5
It's That Old Man From Scene 24!

    Well, there's only 5 dungeons now between us and Ganon's throne room. But, before we storm through the next one, let's get the last group of power ups we'll need for a while. Leave Dungeon 4, and once your raft reaches the other side, go Right six screens. You'll be at the first screenshot. Clear out the enemies, then burn the left-hand bush of the second row, as the screenshot shows. You'll get a measly 10 rupees.
Ok, next, go Down one screen, more Molblins to meet your blade await. Slice and dice them, then, burn the bush Link is torching in the screenie, and another secret will be unveiled. This time you get a nice 100 rupee prize, it goes a long way towards repaying the money we spent on the blue ring.    

To get to the next spot, go Down one screen, then Right four, you'll end up at the first screenshot. Then, go Up two more screens, you'll be at the next screenshot. See the Heart Container over there? Now that we have the Ladder we can get it. Cross on over and claim your life-enhancer.
But wait, there is still one more Heart Container for us to claim. Go Up two screens, you'll be at my screenshot. Then, use the Raft to go cross the ocean, use the dock. Once you reach the other side, you'll see a cave. Enter it, and that crazy old man who pops up everywhere offers you one of those Life Potion or Heart Container choices. Take his Container, hold it over your head, and taunt the old fogie as he dissipitates once again.    

    Exit the cave, go back to the mainland, and get ready to move once again. This time, go Left one screen, Up one screen, and then Left six screens; you'll end up where my screenshot shows you to be. Then, go Left another two screens, and cross the river with the Ladder (2nd screenie).
Keep on trekkin', Down one screen, Left one, Up one, and Left one. You'll be in an area surrounded by statues. Touch the one in the upper left corner and kill him. An item will be uncovered once he moves off of it. It's the Power Bracelet! Run over and grab it, and then check your inventory where you'll see it up there. The Bracelet can be used to uncover some handy warp points, which we'll use in a moment.    


For now, there is one more item to obtain. Go Left one screen, Down one, and then Left one. Avoid the Lynels for now, they're pretty strong and tough.Go Left one screen and then Up one, we'll be traveling through a graveyard, ooooo. Ok, now, trust me on this one, walk up to the gravestone I did in my screnshot and push it either up or down. Every other gravestone will only spawn a Ghini (ghost) but not this one, it'll move! Enter the stairs...
Why, it's that crazy old man again. What's this? The magic sword? Doesn't he know that every Link worth his salt is supposed to wield the Master sword? Ah well. Run over and seize it from the old codger, and hold it over your head with glee; since you now have twelve heart containers, you can use this spectacular weapon. It deals twice as much damage as the White sword, and makes us a nigh-unstoppable killing machine!    

The only thing between us and Level 5 is getting there. Go Down one and Right one, test out your new sword on the Lynels, you'll tear through them like butter. Go Right one again, and you'll be at a screen with a bunch of frosted statues. Go Up, but take the left staircase this time. You'll be at a secluded area with four stones arranged in a circle. Push the left one up or down, and since you have the Bracelet, not only will it move, but a secret area will open up! Enter the stairs.
That old coot is back, this time offering you three different warp points to choose from. They bring you to various points in the Overworld. You want to take the passage on the right. It will take you to the second screenshot. From here, go Left two screens. We've just entered a maze, but don't worry, I know the way out! Go Up four screens, don't worry that the geography doesn't change, just keep going up and...    

Voila! Dungeon 5. Enter it, and let's get ready to rumble.


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