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Dungeon 5 - Music To My Ears

Dungeon 5 at last, don't worry, it's pretty easy with the exception of a handful of rooms. Go Right one screen.
Ah, well met, Ganon. It appears that the goo-blobs and bats we've been slaughtering haven't quite been holding up to mustard, so he's unleashed a new rabbit-eared foe in level 5. They're called "Pol's Voice," and they can be a little tricky because they jump deceptively well. While it will only take a few sword strokes to kill them, I suggest switching to arrows, it will only take one hit to kill them, and your shot may even hit multiple enemies! You get a key from this room, grab it and go back Left one screen and then Up one.
After lighting up this room, you will notice that yet another new enemy as arrived, the mummy Gibdo. He's not very fast, but he has quite a good deal of health for a run-of-the-mill enemy. He may have been a little troublesome with the White Sword, but our new blade will slice through him faster than a ginsu knife. And, guess what? One of them has a key wrapped in his bandages. But, don't go Up after clearing the room, instead, bomb the wall on the Left side and head that way.
More Gibdos, one of them is carrying some bombs though. Don't collect the bombs until you blow up the Left wall, then get your bombs and go Left another screen. And uh, if you're on an emulator, I suggest saving before entering the next room, it's a doozy.
Cripes, Ganon has unleashed a newer and even faster version of my arch-enemy, blue Darknuts! Not just that, but there's a whole lot of them in the next room, and guess what? You have to kill them all in order to proceed. With the Magic Sword they'll only take two hits to bring down, but be as nimble as you can and avoid taking heavy damage. After that, push up on the leftmost block, go down the stairs, and cross the passageway.    
    Ok, the passage opens up to what's shown in the first screenie. Now, go Left one screen, and prepare for the hardest moment of Level 5. We got six Darknuts all with a hankering for some Link-on-a-stick. Maybe they're just mad because we wore the same color clothes to the dungeon party. Anyway, survive this fight as best you can, bombs can even be a little helpful in hurting them if you want to try, but if you use them be sure to save one bomb! You'll need it later. If you win the fight, push the single block and more stairs will open for you to descend.
Ya see laddy, back in my day, we didn't even need no hooty-tooty Ocarinas, we had Recorders, and we were thankful for just that! Why, they could only play one song over and over, and that song could only play in a raging blizzard and y--Ok, enough of the old-man impersonations. While this item may not appear at first glance to be as useful as the boomerang or some of the other prizes we've snared in our adventures, it too will serve a purpose in our quest. Hold it in triumph, go back up the stairs, Right one screen, and then Down one screen through the locked door.
    The next room seems to only have some key-guarding Keese. But, surely there must be something else to obtain? Hmm. Grab the key and then bomb the left wall. Voila, a sekkret passage! After entering it, that shady old man who seems to be just everywhere has an offer we really can't refuse. Shuck over 100 rupees and you'll have your bombs not only refilled, but you can now carry 12 instead of 8! My only question is: If this old dude is so intent on seeing Princess Zelda restored to power in Hyrule, so much so that he'd hand over three swords capable of shooting lasers for free whilst being stuck in a cave with terrifying monsters everywhere, why does he insist on being paid 100 big ones for a measely bomb bag? Meditate on this as you go back Right one screen, Up one, and then back through the Passage.
Ok, after emerging through the passage where we first tangled with the blue Darknuts, go Right two more screens back to where we first saw the Gibdos. Go Up one screen from here. Three Dodongos will be merrily running around the next room. You should remember the routine, drop two bombs in each of their mouths; don't worry about the 6 bombs lost, you'll get four back from beating them and we have no further use for bombs this level. After you finish crashing the Dodongo's party, the door on the Left will oepn. Enter it.
    *Sigh* Why do they even bother? Kill the Gumdrop Rangers, take their key, and go Right two screens. More Zols! Rar. Finishing them off will net you a reward more proportional to their worth, five rupees. After scraping the goo of your boots, go Up one.
Another dark room full of creeping mummies. Deal with them with your sword and boomerang, and you'll be rewarded with another key. Take it and go Up another screen. Ha! Red Darknuts? I laugh at them with the Magic Sword! Hahaha! They'll take one sword swipe a-pop to destroy, your reward is the homing beacon! I mean, the Compass. Take it and go Up another screen.    

    The room we've just entered will have a menagerie of monsters to deal with. Whack them all and you'll get a key, then go Left one screen, you'll be at the first screenshot. In this room there'll be more mummies than you can shake a sarcophagus at. Get it? Sarcaphogas? No? Fine, just wipe them out and take their key, then go Left one screen through the locked door. You'll have one more room of Pol's Voices to deal with, just arrow away until they're gone. Are you ready to fight the boss? No? Too bad. Go Left one screen.
He's big, he's cyclopian, he's...Digdogger! Yes, that's right, Dungeon Five's guardian is a giant mushy eye. Now, first, take out your Recorder, you heard me, arm the whistle to your B slot. Now, blow on it. The tune is not quite music to Digdogger's ears and it's not because you're a terrible musician. In fact, he'll shrink when hears it! After that, just slash him twice with your sword and he's toast. Grab your Heart Container, ignore the fireball shooting statues, and go Up one screen.    

Woohoo, more Triforce. We're running out of spots in our inventory's little jigsaw to put them I think! Anyway, strike your victory pose like all good 8-bit champions do, and scratch Dungeon 5 off your "Places To Visit Before I Whack Ganon" list.


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