Frequently Asked Quesstions

This section contains common questions and their answers. If any questions about fallout 2 are sent to me, I'll post the question and answer in this section!.

Q: How long is Fallout 2?
A: Due to the open-ended nature of Fallout 2 (similar to games like Morrowind and Oblivion), a player can choose to undertake as many or as few tasks as they wish. A speed run of Fallout 2 can be finished in 20 minutes or less, or one can persue each available quest line to its end and spend weeks developing their character.

Q: Is there a time limit in Fallout 2?
A: There's no strict time limit like there was in Fallout 1, but there is a hard-coded limit of 13 years, after which the game will end. However, the only place that time passes quickly is on the overworld map, and once you get the car it passes much more slowly (taking several days to cross the entire map rather than several wee . ks).

Q: What are the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for Fallout 2?
A: Unless running an ancient machine (which is entirely possible), you should have no problem running Fallout 2.

Minimum Requirements: Recommended Requirements:

Q: What does the combat and difficulty options actually do?
A: With the game difficult on easy you get a 20% bonus to all non-combat skills, no bonus or penalty on normal, and a -10% pentalty on hard. The combat settings effect enemy perception and damage: Wimpy will lower enemy perception, and half their damage, while tough will give them a bonus to perception and double their damage. Note that enemies with higher perception will take more aimed shots, and cripple limbs more often.

Q: What is the difference between AP and FMJ bullets?
A: AP stands for armor piercing and FMJ stands for full metal jacket. While AP rounds are supposed to pierce armor, the feature is poorly implemented (armor piercing rounds can sometimes do less damage than the standard type). In all cases except armor piercing rockets and armor piercing needler ammo, it's almost always better to go with generic bullets.

Q: When does Fallout 2 take place?
A: In the post-nuclear-apocylpse, to be exact: 25th of July, 2241. Roughly 80 years after the first Fallout game.

Q: Where is Sulik's sister?!
A: Not in Fallout 2, that's for sure. Scour the source files all you want, the sister he says he has is not in the game.

Q: Do the "Grav-plates" for the car really exist?
A: Yes, but you can only get them once you've beaten the game, and only if you meet certain criteria. I'll upload a screenshot and details shortly.

Q: Does Nuka-Cola have a purpose aside from atmosphere?
A: Actually yes, Myron uses them to make super stimpacks later in the game. Also, if you manage to find a working Nuka-Cola machine you can buy almost 20 bottles from them (though the swiftly ejected bottle can nail you for 1 or 2 damage each time!). Working machines restock (somehow?!) every couple weeks.

Q: What is the super stimpak trick?
A: Super Stimpaks heal a ton of health, and then sting the user for about 10 damage after several hours. As it is a healing item, NPCs have no problem with you using them on them. If the NPC is already at full health, and you use several super stimpacks on them, wait a few hours and they will more than likely be dead. This is usful for assassinating targets in plain view, but super stimpaks can be expensive, especially when it can take quite a few to take down a target. If you have the Awareness perk (that shows an enimies hit points when you use the binoculars from the context menu) you can gauge how many to use before waiting.