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The Alchemist can make good use of the party's items for spectacular results

How to get: Calm Lands

Attack0Attack one enemyNone
Mix*0Combine 2 items for resultsNone
Potion10Use a hidden PotionNone
Hi-Potion40Use a hidden Hi-PotionPotion
Mega Potion120Use a hidden Mega PotionHi-Potion
X-Potion160Use a hidden X-PotionMega Potion
Remedy20Use a hidden RemedyNone
Dispel Tonic20Use a hidden Dispel TonicRemedy
Phoenix Down30Use a hidden Phoenix DownNone
Mega Phoenix200Use a hidden Mega PhoenixPhoenix Down
Ether400Use a hidden EtherDispel Tonic
Elixer999Use a hidden ElixerEther
Items Level 230Doubles potency of ItemsNone
Chemist40Doubles potency of recoveryNone
Elementalist80Doubles potency of elementalsNone
Physicist100Doubles Non-ElementalsChemist/Elementalist

* = This Mix Guide is used with permission from Damir Kolar


The Berserker strikes with agility and accuracy with razor sharp claws

How to get: Macalania Woods (Chapter 3)

Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Berserk00STR+ but you lose controlNone
Cripple206Halves fiend HPNone
Mad Rush306Heavily damages enemyCripple
Crackdown306Damage one enemy and nulify Shell, Protect, and ReflectNone
Eject408Death. Can failMad Rush
Unhinge408Damage and lowers ACC & EVACrackdown
Intimidate508Damages and inflicts SlowUnhinge
Envenom3010Damage and inflicts PoisonNone
Hurt6010Damage enemy according to user's HPEnvenom
Howl800Doubles user's HPMad Rush
Itchproof200Guards against ItchyCripple
Counterattack1800Counter enemy's physical attackNone
Magic Counter3000Counter enemy's magic attacks Counterattack
Evade & Counter4000Evade and counter enemy attacksMagic Counter
Auto-Regen800Automatically casts RegenHurt

Black Mage

The Black Mage can control the forces of nature with the use of powerful elemental spells

How to get: Mt. Gagazet (Chapter 1)

Fire04Deals fire damage to one or all enemiesNone
Blizzard04Deals ice damage to one or all enemiesNone
Thunder04Deals thunder damage to one or all enemiesNone
Water04Deals water damage to one or all enemiesNone
Fira4012Deals fire damage to one or all enemiesNone
Blizzara4012Deals ice damage to one or all enemiesNone
Thundara4012Deals thunder damage to one or all enemiesNone
Watera4012Deals water damage to one or all enemiesNone
Firaga10024Deals fire damage to one or all enemiesFira
Blizzaga10024Deals ice damage to one or all enemiesBlizzara
Thundaga10024Deals thunder damage to one or all enemiesThundara
Waterga10024Deals water damage to one or all enemiesWatera
Focus100Raises user's magicNone
MP Absorb100Absorbs MP from enemyFocus
Black Magic lvl 2400Lowers casting time by 30%MP Absorb
Black Magic lvl 3600Lowers casting time by halfBlack Magic lvl 2

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is infused with the crafts of the Underworld

How to get: Bevelle Underground

Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Darkness00Sacrifice HP to DAM allNone
Drain208Absorb HP from fiendNone
Demi2010Reduces all fiends HP by 1/4None
Confuse3012Confuse one enemyDemi
Break4020Petrify one enemyConfuse
Bio3016Poison one enemyNone
Doom2018KO when countdown reaches 0Bio
Death5024Instant Death. Can failDoom
Black Sky10080Randomly damages enemiesDeath
Charon200Sacrifices life to cause great DAMNone
Poisonproof300 Immune to PoisonNone
Stoneproof300Immune to PetrifyPoisonproof
Confuseproof300Immune to ConfuseStoneproof
Curseproof300Immune to CurseConfuseproof
Deathproof300Immune to DeathCurseproof


Range is never a problem, and it is the best against flying enemies

How to get: Yuna's Default Dressphere
Attack00Attack EnemyNone
Trigger Happy00 Repeatedly attack Enemy using RI Button in a period of time None
Potshot208Damage one Enemy None
Cheap Shot308 Damage one Enemy, regardless of it's defensePotshot
Enchanted Ammo308Inflict Magical Damage on Enemy None
Target MP308Damage Enemy's MP Enchanted Ammo
Quarter Pounder408 Reduce Enemy's HP by 1/4Target MP
On The Level4012Damage Enemy according to User's EXP Target MP
Burst Shot6012 Critically damage one EnemyNone
Tableturner608 Deal great damage to enemies with High DefensePotshot
Scattershot808Damage all enemies Burst Shot
Scatterburst12036 Critically damage all enemiesBurst Shot
Darkproof30 0Immunity against DarknessNone
Sleeproof300Immunity against Sleep Darkproof
Trigger Happy LV 2800 Extends the time period for Trigger HappyNone
Trigger Happy LV 31500 Extends the time period for Trigger Happy even more Trigger Happy LV 2

Gun Mage

They can scan enemies, use their Fiend Hunter abilities that allows them to maximize on damage, learn an enemy's skills

How to get: Moonflow

Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Blue Bullet*00Learn enemy skillsNone
Scan200View information on a fiendNone
Shell Cracker2034x DAM to Helm typesNone
Anti-Aircraft2034x DAM to Bird types and WaspsNone
Silver Bullet2034x DAM to LupinesNone
Flan Eater2034x DAM to FlansNone
Elementillary2034x DAM to Elements Flan Eater
Killasaurus2034x DAM to ReptilesNone
Drake Slayer2034x DAM to DrakesKillasaurus
Dismantaler2034x DAM to MachinaNone
Mech Destroyer203 4x DAM to MechsDismantaler
Demon Muzzle2034x DAM to Imps and Evil EyesAnti-Aircraft
Fiend Hunter lvl 2200Cuts down 40% for wait in Fiend HunterNone
Scan lvl 2200 You can rotate aroundNone
Scan lvl 31000You can target party membersScan lvl 2

*Blue Bullet
Fire Breath28Fire damage to all enemiesBalivarha
Seed Cannon28Damage one enemyLeucophylla, Cephalotus
Stone Breath32Petrifies all enemiesTomb, Monolith, Dolmen, Ephitaph
Absorb3Absorb HP & MPProtochimera, Haizhe, Baralai (ch.2), Flan, Azabache, Jahi, Cindy, Vegnagun
White Wind16Restore HP and cures all status ailments of partyBully Cap, Coeurl, Queen Coeurl, Mycotoxin, Ms. Goon
Bad Breath64Status ailments- groupMalboro, Great Malboro
Mighty Guard32Casts Shell & Protect on partyHaizhe, Garik Ronso
Supernova70Damage all enemiesUltima Weapon, Paragon
Cry in the Night80Damage all enemiesMega Tonberry
Drill Shot32Damage all enemiesBaralai (Ch. 5)
Mortar99Damage all enemiesGippal
Annihilator48Damage all enemiesExperimental Boss
Heaven's Cataract22Damage all enemies and lowers MAG DEFKukulcan, Gucumatz, Chac
1000 Needles24Damage one enemyCactuar
Storm Cannon38Damage all enemiesIronside
Blaster30 Damage one enemyCoeurl, Queen Coeurl

Lady Luck

The Lady Luck can double your EXP, be a Gillionaire and have double your items

How to get: Beat Shinra at the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca (Chapter 3)

Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Bribe400Offer Gil to persuade one enemy to leave the battleNone
Two Dice204Damage one enemy by rolling two diceNone
Four Dice1008 Damage all enemies by rolling four diceTwo Dice
Attack Reels*600Spin slots to deal physical damageNone
Magic Reels*700Spin slots to deal Magic damageNone
Item Reels800 Spin slots for various item skillsMagic Reels
Random Reels1200Spin slots to trigger random skillsItem Reels
Luck308Raises the user's luckNone
Felicity408Raises the party's luck Luck
Tantalize600Inflicts Confuse on all enemiesNone
Criticle1600Always inflicts critical hitsFelicity
Double EXP800Double the amount of EXP earned after battlesNone
SOS Spellspring300Reduces the MP cost to zero when HP is lowFour Dice
Gillionaire1000Doubles the amount of Gil earned after battleDouble EXP
Double Items1000 Doubles the number of items earned in a battleGillionaire

*Attack Reels
It Looks Like...Your Slots Name Is...Description
3x Lucky 7sShin-ZantetsuInstantly defeats all enemies
3x BarExcaliburDeals Holy damage to one enemy
3x CherryCrippleHalves one enemy's HP
3x Warrior DSDelay Buster Greatly delays one enemy's actions
3x Samurai DSFireworksDamages all enemies
3x Berserker DSIntimidateInflict Slow on one enemy
2x Cherry 1x-Clean SlateRestore HP and cures all status ailments
2x Warrior DS 1x-Power BreakLowers enemy's strength
2x Samurai DS 1x-MagicideInflict damage on MP
2x Berserker DS 1x-EjectBlows one enemy away
1x Cherry 2x-Armor BreakLowers enemy DEF by 2
3x-DudReduces party's HP by 3/4

*Magic Reels
It Looks Like...Your Slots Name Is...Description
3x Lucky 7sUltimaDamages all enemies
3x BarBlack SkyDeals 10 consecutive attacks
3x CherryFlareDamages one enemy
3x Dark Knight DSDemiReduces the HP of all enemies by 1/4
3x Black Mage DS FiragaDeals Fire damage to all enemies
3x White Mage DSAuto-LifeAlly is automatically revived when HP is 0
2x Cherry 1xBioPoisons all enemies
2x Dark Knight DS 1x-BreakPetrify one enemy
2x Black Mage DS 1x-ThundaraDeals Lightning Damage to all enemies
2x White Mage DS 1x-EsunaCures one ally's status ailments
1x Cherry 2x-CuraRestore HP to party
3x-DudReduces party's HP by 3/4

*Item Reels
It Looks Like...Your Slots Name Is...Description
3x Lucky 7sMegalixir +Fully restores HP & MP
3x BarMighty Guard +Creates multiple defenses on party
3x CherrySupreme GemDamages all enemies
3x Items SymbolMegalixirFully restores HP & MP to party
3x GemBlessed GemDeals 8x Holy damage
3x Special ItemMighty GuardCasts Shell & Protect on party
2x Cherry 1x-Mega-EtherRestores party's MP
2x Items Symbol 1x-EtherRestores MP to one ally
2x Gem 1x-L BombDamages all enemies
2x Special Item 1x-Lunar Curtain +Casts Shell on party
1x Cherry 2x-Light Curtain +Casts Protect on party
3x-DudReduces party's HP by 3/4

*Random Reels
It Looks Like..Your Slots Name Is...Description
3x Lucky 7sCongrats!Eliminates enemies, steals Gil, and much, much more
3x BarMega-PotionRestores party's HP
3x CherryBlizzagaDeals Ice damage to all enemies
3x Floral Fallal DSCry in the Night Deals damage to all enemies
3x Machina Maw DSDark MatterDeals damage to all enemies
3x Full Throttle DSQuartet KnifeLowers attributes of an enemy
2x Cherry 1x-Mental BreakLowers enemy's MAG DEF by 2
2x Floral Fallal DS 1x- CureRestores party's HP
2x Machina Maw DS 1x-Primo GrenadeDamages all enemies
2x Full Throttle DS 1x-Hi-PotionRestores HP to one character
1x Cherry 2x-PotionRestores HP to one character
3x-Dud Reduces party's HP by 3/4


Because of the heavy weight of the gigantic sword, its difficult to hit flying enemies or high evasive targets

How to get: Kilika (Chapter 3)

Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Spare Change00Attack by throwing GilNone
Mirror of Equity3016Attack one enemy, dealing greater damage when HP is lowNone
Magicide304Inflict damage on one enemy None
Dismissal3010Halt the pending action of one enemyMagicide
Fingersnap4010Revert one enemy's attributes to normal levelsDismissal
Sparkler4012Damage one enemyNone
Fireworks6018 Damage all enemiesSparkler
Momentum6010Deal increasing damage as you defeat more enemiesSparkler
Shin-Zantetsu10032Instantly defeats all enemies, sometimes failsMomentum
Nonpareil2010Raises user's strength and accuracy None
No Fear3012Casts Shell and Protect on userNonpareil
Clean Slate4016Restore HP and cure all status ailments of userNo Fear
Hayate6020Raises evasion and casts Haste on userClean Slate
Zantetsu1400 Instantly defeats one enemy, sometimes failShin-Zantetsu
SOS Critical800Always inflict critical damage when HP is lowFireworks


This sphere transforms you into a diva and it uses dance and song to distract enemies. Can't attack or heal

How to Get: Default.
Darkness Dance00Inflict Darkness to all enemies None
Samba of Silence200 Inflict Silence to all enemiesNone
MP Mambo20 0Reduces party's MP cost to 0 while dancingMagical Dances 1
Magical Masque200Nullifies magical attacks on party while dancing Magical Dances 1
Sleepy Shuffle800 Inflict Sleep on all enemiesNone
Carnival Cancan80 0Double's party's max HPSleepy Shuffle
Slow Dance 600Inflict Slow on all enemiesNone
Break Dance1200Inflicts Stop on all enemies Slow Dance
Jitterbug1200 Casts Haste while dancingSlow Dance
Dirty Dancing160 0Critical + while dancingCarnival Cancan
Battle Cry 104Raises party's STRNone
Cantus Firmus 104Raises party's DEFBattle Cry
Esoteric Melody104Raises party's MAGNone
Disenchant104Raises party's MAG DEF Esoteric Melody
Perfect Pitch104 Raises party's ACCNone
Matador's Song104 Raises party's EVAPerfect Pitch


The Thief can be used to steal items and Gil from enemies in battle.

How to get: Rikku's default Dressphere
Attack00Attack one enemy None
Steal00Steal one item from an enemy None
Pilfer Gil302Steal Gil from one enemy None
Borrowed Time10016 Inflict Stop on one enemyNone
Pilfer HP6010 Steal HP from one enemyPilfer Gil
Pilfer MP60 0Steal MP from one enemyPilfer HP
Sticky Fingers 12020Always steal an item from one enemyPilfer HP
Master Thief14020Steal Rare item from an enemy Sticky Fingers
Soul Swipe16012 Inflict Bersek on one enemyPilfer HP
Steal Will160 18Force Enemy to fleeSoul Swipe
Flee10 0Help party members escapeNone
Item Hunter 600Enemies will drop items more frequentlyNone
First Strike400Act at the beginning of the battle None
Initiative600 Higher chance of getting a preemptive strikeFirst Strike
Slowproof200Immunity against Slow Item Hunter
Stopproof400 Immunity against StopSlowproof


How to Get: Khimari gives it to them after answering all questions in chapter 1 & 2

The Trainer calls a sacred animal to the fight to help them conquer the enemy

Trainer Kogoro (Yuna)
Attack00Attacks one enemyNone
Holy Kogoro018Deals Holy damage to one enemyNone
Kogoro Blaze404Deals Fire damage & DarknessNone
Kogoro Freeze404Deals Ice damage & StopNone
Kogoro Shock40 4Deals Lightning damage & BerserkNone
Kogoro Deluge404Deals Water Damage & SleepNone
Kogoro Strike805Instant Death, can failNone
Kogoro Doom806Inflicts Doom on one enemyKogoro Strike
Kogoro Cure30 10Restore HP to one allyNone
Kogoro Remedy4010Cures one ally of all status ailmentsKogoro Cure
Pound!10024Call Kogoro's friends to gang up on the fiendKogoro Doom
Half MP Cost2000Reduces MP cost by 1/2MP Stroll
HP Stroll200Regain lost HP while walkingNone
MP Stroll200Regain lost MP while walkingHP Stroll
Kogoro lvl 2800Cuts Kogoro wait by 30%None
Kogoro lvl 31000Cuts Kogoro wait by halfKogoro lvl 2

Trainer Ghiki (Rikku)
Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Sneaky Ghiki012Steal Gil and cause damageNone
Ghiki Gouge408Inflict DAM and DarknessNone
Ghiki Gag808Inflict DAM and SilenceNone
Mugger Ghiki4012 Steals items and damages enemyNone
Pesky Ghiki1008Inflict DAM and BerserkNone
Bully Ghiki1008Inflict DAM and DelayPesky Ghiki
Ghiki Meds4010Cures ally from status ailmentsGhiki Pep
Ghiki Pep3010 Restore HP to allyNone
Ghiki Cheer8012Raises STR and DEFNone
Swarm, Swarm!10024Call Ghiki's friends to gang up on the fiendBully Ghiki
Half MP Cost2000Reduces MP cost by 1/2MP Stroll
HP Stroll200 Regain lost HP while walkingNone
MP Stroll200Regain lost MP while walkingHP Stroll
Ghiki lvl 2800Cuts attack time by 30%None
Ghiki lvl 31000Cuts attack time by halfGhiki lvl 2

Trainer Flurry (Paine)
Attack00Attacks one enemyNone
Carrier Flurry08Death. Can failNone
Poison Flurry404Inflict DAM and poisonNone
Stone Flurry6016Inflicts DAM and PetrifyPoison Flurry
Death Flurry60 20Death. Can failStone Flurry
Flurry Speed6010Restore HP and cast HasteNone
Flurry Guard6010Restore HP and casts ProtectFlurry Speed
Flurry Shield6010Restore HP and cast ShellFluffy Speed
HP Flurry30 10Restore some HP to partyNone
Recovery Flurry4010Cures ally of status ailmentsNone
Maulwings!10024Call Flurry's friends to gang up on the fiendDeath Flurry
Half MP Cost2000Reduces MP cost by 1/2MP Stroll
HP Stroll200Regain lost HP by walkingNone
MP Stroll200Regain lost MP by walkingHP Stroll
Flurry lvl 2800Cuts attack time by 30%None
Flurry lvl 31000Cuts attack time in halfFlurry lvl 2


Very high attack power, defense and HP. Can use Swordplay abilities.

How to get: Paine's Default Dressphere
Attack00Attack one enemyNone
Sentinel 0020Take less damage next turnNone
Flametongue 204Do fire damageNone
Icebrand204 Do ice damageNone
Thunder Blade204 Do thunder damageNone
Liquid Steel204 Do water damageNone
Demi Sword606 Do Gravity damageFlametongue,Icebrand,Liquid Steel,Thunder Blade
Excalibur1204Do Holy damageDemi Sword
Power Break304Damage the enemy and lower their attack None
Armor Break304 Damage the enemy and lower their attackNone
Magic Break 304Damage the enemy and lower their magicNone
Mental Break304Damage the enemy and lower their magic defense Magic Break
Delay Attack10010 Damage the enemy and delay it's actionArmor Break
Delay Buster 12016Damage the enemy and greatly delay it's actionNone
Assault10016Cast Berserk, Haste, Shell, and Protect on the party Sentinel
Assault10016 Cast Berserk, Haste, Shell, and Protect on the partySentinel
SOS Protect200Casts Protect when HP is low Sentinel

White Mage

The White Mage is mainly used for healing purposes

How to get: Besaid Island (Chapter 1)

Pray00Restores a little HP to partyNone
Vigor200Restores HP to userNone
Cure204Restores a little HP to one or all party membersNone
Cura4010Restores some HP to one or all party membersNone
Curaga8020Restores a lot of HP to one or all party membersCura
Regen8040Gradually restores HP over timeCuraga
Esuna2010Cure one character's status ailmentsNone
Dispel3012Negates all spell effects on one enemy Esuna
Life3018Revive one KO'd characterNone
Full-Life16060Revive character with full HPLife
Shell3010Reduce Magical damage inflicted on the partyNone
Protect3012Reduce physical damage inflicted on party Shell
Reflect3014Deflect spells cast on party back to the enemyProtect
Full-Cure8099Fully restores one character's HP and cures all status ailmentsRegen
White Magic lvl 2400Cuts time for White Magic by 30%Vigor
White Magic lvl 3600Cuts time required to use White Magic by halfWhite Magic lvl 2