Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Gunner's Gauntlet
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Side Quests

PotionRestores 200HP5012SingleRecovery
Hi-PotionRestores 1000HP500125SingleRecovery
X-PotionRestores all HPN/A250SingleRecovery
Mega PotionRestores 2000HPN/A375AllRecovery
EtherRestore 100MPN/A250SingleRecovery
Turbo EtherRestore 500MPN/A750SingleRecovery
Phoenix DownRevives ally from death10025SingleRecovery
Mega PhoenixRevives party from deathN/A1000AllRecovery
ElixirFully restores HP & MPN/A1250SingleRecovery
MegalixirFully restores HP & MPN/A5000AllRecovery
AntidoteCures Poison5012SingleSupport
SoftCures Petrification5012SingleSupport
Eye DropsCures Darkness5012SingleSupport
Echo ScreenCures Silence5012SingleSupport
Holy WaterCures Curse, Itchy, Pointless30075SingleSupport
RemedyCures all status ailmentsN/A375SingleSupport
Budget GrenadeDamages all enemiesN/A12AllAttack
GrenadeDamages all enemiesN/A25AllAttack
S-BombDamages all enemiesN/A50AllAttack
M-BombDamages all enemiesN/A75AllAttack
L-BombDamages all enemiesN/A100AllAttack
Sleep GrenadeDamages all enemies + SleepN/A50AllAttack
Silence GrenadeDamages all enemies + SilenceN/A37AllAttack
Dark GrenadeDamages all enemies + DarknessN/A37AllAttack
Petrification GrenadeDamages all enemies + StoneN/A50AllAttack
Bomb FragmentDeals Fire damageN/A25SingleAttack
Bomb CoreDeals Fire damageN/A50SingleAttack
Fire GemDeals Fire damageN/A75RandomAttack
Antarctic WindDeals Ice damageN/A50SingleAttack
Arctic WindDeals Ice damageN/A50SingleAttack
Ice GemDeals Ice damageN/A75RandomAttack
Electro MarbleDeals Lightning damageN/A25SingleAttack
Lightning MarbleDeals Lightning damageN/A50SingleAttack
Lightning GemDeals Lightning damageN/A75RandomAttack
Fish ScaleDeals Water damageN/A25SingleAttack
Dragon ScaleDeals Water damageN/A50SingleAttack
Water GemDeals Water damageN/A75RandomAttack
Shadow GemReduces HP by 1/4N/A50RandomAttack
ShiningDeals non-elemental damageN/A75SingleAttack
Blessed GemDeals Holy damageN/A125SingleAttack
Supreme GemDeals non-elemental damageN/A250AllAttack
Poison FangDamage + PoisonN/A25SingleAttack
Silver Hour GlassDelays actions of enemyN/A25SingleAttack
Gold Hour GlassDelays actions of all enemiesN/A37AllAttack
Candle of LifeCasts Doom on enemyN/A50SingleAttack
Farplane ShadowSometimes inflicts DeathN/A75SingleAttack
Dark MatterDeals major damageN/A7500AllAttack
Chocobo FeatherCasts HasteN/A40SingleAttack
Chocobo WingCasts HasteN/A50AllAttack
Lunar CurtainCasts ShellN/A50AllAttack
Light CurtainCasts ProtectN/A45AllAttack
Star CurtainCasts ReflectN/A45AllAttack
Healing SpringCasts RegenN/A150AllAttack
Mana SpringAbsorb MPN/A75SingleAttack
Stamina SpringAbsorb HPN/A75SingleAttack
Soul SpringAbsorb HP & MPN/A100SingleAttack
Dispel TonicRemoves all spell effects on enemyN/A70SingleAttack
Stamina TabletDoubles max HPN/A200SingleAttack
Mana TabletDoubles max MPN/A300SingleAttack
Stamina TonicDoubles max HPN/A400SingleAttack
Mana TonicDoubles max MPN/A400SingleAttack
Twin StarsReduces MP cost to 0N/A200SingleAttack
Three StarsReduces MP cost to 0N/A1250AllAttack
Hero DrinkMakes character invisibleN/A25SingleAttack
Gyshal GreensFeed/ Capture ChocobosN/A25SingleGreens
Sylkis GreensFeed ChocobosN/A25SingleGreens
Mimett GreensFeed ChocobosN/A25SingleGreens
Pahsana GreensFeed ChocobosN/A25SingleGreens