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Sphere Break

Basic Information

Criteria of Sphere Break

To win Sphere Break, you get to combine the numbers on the coins to make multiples of the core number. Meaning you need to use both border and entry coins to make multiples of the number in the core sphere. The number in the core sphere is then called the core number. All coins have numbers from 1-9.

Border Coins

The border coins are 12 coins that are blueish-purple. They are all positioned at the extreme corner, thus the name border coins. They will disappear after you use them but they will return after a few turns. Unfortunately, it's completely random how often they come back and when.

Entry Coins

These are the 4 coins that are yellow in the center of the board. These entry coins will never disappear, but don't add to the quota every time you use them. You MUST select these first before you can select the entry coins to make multiples or echoes.

Core Number

The sphere that is in bright blue. It's positioned at the center of the board. This cannot be selected, and act as the guide on the multiples you need to achieve in that particular turn. This number is decided at random. It can be really good for you or completely suck and ruin a whole lot of echoes that you have been accumulating


Quota is something like the total winning score you need to obtain to win the game. By using border coins, you get one quota for each border coin. You will need to reach a certain quota by the end of the game. So, if you have a 20 turn Quota, you need to meet all the Core Numbers indicated in 20 turns, create sphere breaks in 20 turns. It can be rather difficult due to the time limit.


The game comes in turns. Every time you core break, the turn ends. The amount of turns varies player from player. You will need to complete the quota before all the turn's ends!

Time Limit

Every turn, there's a time limit. Normally is 60 seconds, but it varies from players as well, depending on their star levels. The better the level, the shorter time or higher quota you need to meet. You need to make your decision using the border and entry coins fast! If the time runs out, you will automatically lose the game.

How to Play the Game

Do you know how to do math? It's okay if you don't, that's what calculators are for. However, don't bother with division, addition or subtraction, we're just dealing with multiplication here.

For example, your core number is 3. Multiples of 3 are 3, 6, and 9... You will need to use addition for your border and entry coins to get the multiples. Now you have 3 for your entry coin. Select it. The twinkle sound will be heard and you get a Core Break written across your screen and the next turn comes. You have achieved the multiples by selecting the correct number.
You do not get quota just using the entry coin. You will need to use border coins to add on your quota. For example, your core number is 7. Your entry coin only has 2,3,5 and 6. Select 3. There's no core break because you have not reach the criteria! Next, you have the choice to either use the border or the entry coins. Select 4, the border coin. 4+3=7. You reach the criteria! The twinkle sound comes, and Sphere Break! You used one border coins. So you will have one quota. Collect as much quota as possible before the set number of turn's ends.

Techniques to Win a Game

Just getting the multiples per turn is NOT enough to get the required quota. Even if you are lucky, you can't meet a quota of 40 in 15 turns! Thus, you will need to do combos.

Coin Count Echoes

This is like a combo. For example, you use two coins to have a core break. Second turn comes in; you use two coins to have a core break again. By right, you should have only 2-quota right? Sorry, but no. Since you use the same amount of coins for two turns, you did a coin count echo. Number of border coins you used X number of consecutive echo so in this scenario, you have the first echo. 2 X 1 = 2! You will get 2 bonus points for that turn. If the next turn, you use a different number of coins, you will break the echo, and start all over again. Build up the amount of echo, and then getting quota won't be a big problem!

Multiplier Echoes

When making a core break, if you use that same multiplier as you used in your last turn, you receive bonus points for quota. For example, you have a core number 2. 2,4,6,8... You have a sum of 8, core break. Next turn, you have a core number 3. 3,6,9,12... You make a sum of 12, core break. 8 and 12 is a multiple of 4. In this case, you will get an echo bonus. Target multiplier X number of consecutive echoes In this case, 4 X 1 = 4. You will get 4 bonus points for that turn. This is a great way to get in quota. Even though the coin combo echo is easy to do and understand, mastering the multiplier echo technique could get you more quota and meeting 100 quotas won't be a problem.

Meeting your Quota and Winning

Echoes. They are the key to getting a lot of quota. Just getting in the correct number without combos are not enough. It's not even enough to make it to 20. Try to be as consistent as possible, and you will own the game. Never ever attempt to wait till the last turn to complete your quota. Your top priority is to get as much quota as possible within a turn. Before you even start, you need to plan how many coins you need to use per turn! For example, at 50 quotas, you have about 15 turns. You have to plan for the core number 1 appearing, make it down to 10. 50/10=5. With combos, take consideration you need about 3 coins each turn to win.

For the more advanced: For beating hard people there should be a multiplier echo coin with the number 6. If you can use that with any coin of numbers 1, 2, 3. You can make any number with just the entry coins. This way you won't be messed up if the number 1 comes up. Keep the Echoes going constantly and it's an easy win.

Making Money With Sphere Break

On the bottom left corner when your cursor is on a border coin it shows the effects that will happen if you select the certain border coin.
Gil raises/lowers value of a coin.
Coin raises/lowers amount of coin(s).
Gil effects will raise/lower only the last picked entry coin.
Coin effects will raise/lower all picked entry coins at the time when the coin effect goes into effect.

Using good effects on only one coin is highly recommended. Always select entry coin 1 sweep all or most possible good effects border coins and it should be core break if not you can then use another entry coin to finish. Do this every turn and many matches and the coin you chose to have good effects will gradually become more expensive and numerous. Be sure if it reaches 99 coins to sell some because you can't get more than 99 coins. Happy gil making.