Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Gunner's Gauntlet
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Gunner's Gauntlet

Left stick - move Yuna
Circle - lock on nearest target
X - fire gun
Square - change between current target and last fiend targeted
R1, L1 - scroll through different types of available ammo
Triangle - upgrades selected ammo

Basically what you want to do is rack up a lot of points by chaining kills together. The smaller wolves take about 6 shots to kill, while the purple wolves take about 8. The flying enemies take 10 shots to kill, so use your Death shot on them. It's important to remember when to cycle through your shots. If you have a flying enemy and a wolf coming at you, kill off the flying one with a death shot, and then switch over to a single shot for the remaining enemy. You'll have to make it to the beach in order to succeed, but before you do, make sure you keep one Death shot handy for the last enemy before the beach, as he takes a lot of damage before he goes down.
TIP: For an easy point in this minigame, go below the last waterfall to avoid conflict with the approaching enemies. Kill them and score points as you desire.

Difficulty Levels
LV1500Enigma Plate GG
LV2750Power Wrist
LV3900Silver Bracer
LV41000Titanium Bangle
LV51150Mortal Coil GG
LV61300Beaded Brooch
LV71400Diamond Glove
LV82000Faerie Earrings
LV Max--None

Fiends Encountered
Coyote53Lv1+10x-14x Ammo
Wild Wolf75Lv1+1x-2x Death
Shantak1010Lv1+10x-14x Dual Shot
YSLS-991715Lv1+1x-2x Death
Small Tomb105Lv3-51x Volley
Nashorn812Lv4+15x-19x HP recovery
Bicocette118Lv6+1x Volley
Medium Tomb168Lv6-72x Volley
Hrimthurs625Lv7+Quick Shot
Divebeak124Lv7+Upgrade (which type you get is random)
Large Tomb2015Lv8-9+3x Volley
X-large Tomb3020LvMAX4x Volley