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Side Quests

Side Quests

This section will help with all those pesky side quests that you may miss during the game.

Location: Luca
Retrace Yuna's steps during her impostor's concert in Luca. The truth is out there. Find it!
Objective: Learn the whole story behind the concert

When in Luca, you'll start from the road leading to Mi'ihen Highroad. Head down to the square. You will be asked to sell balloons to promote "Yuna's" concert. This is one of the easiest side-quests in the game, since all you have to do is run around with the balloons and talk to people. Here is a list of people who will buy them off you:
- The woman dancing near the cart where you got the balloons
- The kid in front of the statue
- Two people sitting on the bench adjacent to the west side of the statue
- The old woman sitting on the bench at the exit heading towards the blitzball arena
- The man standing at extreme north of the square
- Two people sitting on the ground in north west corner of the square
- There's a house with two monitors near two sitting people; approach the glass beneath it and press X - there's two last people
After you finish that little task, head for the arena and the rest of the story will tell itself.

Location: Mushroom Rock Road
Help the Youth League by clearing out the fiends along Mushroom Rock Road.
Objective: Reach the lift leading to headquarters

Be careful, if the fog thickens, the rate of fiend encounters increases. Other than that, there isn't much else this can help you with.

Location: Moonflow Road
Keep that poor Hypello's goods safe!
Objective: Defeat the Bandits before or after they steal cargo from the cart.

During the trip a total of five thieves will attempt to rob the cart coming in waves of 1, 2 and 2. If thieves manage to snatch one package (there's five of them total boarded on the cart), all is not lost... pursue the thieves and defeat them to get the goods back. Simply defeating them will make stolen package magically appear back on cart. Just remember to hit X when you catch up to the thief to initiate the battle.

Side Quest #4: FOLLOW THAT O'AKA!
Location: Macalania
What's O'aka up to now?
Objective: Hunt down O'aka to find out why he's in trouble with the Al Bhed.

Just keep running around Macalania Woods, he doesn't hide that well and will eventually lead you to the campsite between the road to Bevelle and the Calm Lands.

Side Quest #5: CAN YOU DIG IT?
Location: Bikanel Desert
Digging, digging, digging
Objective: Dig up and deliver the parts Nhadala needs.

Talk to the pilot of the hovercraft to go out to the dig site and hit the yellow X's fast before another digger does. The white X's contain Gil, Items, or fiends. Get back to the hovercraft within 1 minute or else the heat of the desert will get to you!

Location: Besaid
Put that snob Beclem in his place!
Objective: Run the Gunner's Gauntlet

View the Gunner's Gauntlet guide.

Location: Mi'ihen Highroad
Objective: Catch that Chocobo!

Follow Rikku after the Chocobo, if you want to pick up the feathers, then you can but it's only worth the Golden Hourglass. When you've got it pinned, you will have to guess which direction it's going to try and deek in (watch where it's looking), after it looses concentration it will be easier to guess. After chasing it down even more, go to the Luca-exit Hovercraft pilot, talk to her twice and she will aid you in the capture.

Location: Mushroom Rock Road
The Youth League's edgier members have drawn their own conclusions and declared the Gullwings an enemy. Beat them back as you push through to League headquarters!
Objective: Defeat the rowdy members of the Youth League to get to their headquarters

Just bring the Youth League's hot heads down from their stewing. They aren't too much of a pain, so take out the Ochus too (if you haven't already).

Location: Moonflow
Sell, Sell, Sell!
Objective: Sell all the tickets!

Note: If you did not speak to Tobli before completing Shave the Hypello mission in Chapter 1, then the base price for tickets will be 1000 Gil instead of 500 Gil.

Ticket Buyers
You have a choice of selling 10 tickets to 14 people. Choose wisely! This table will help you with that.
Person's descriptionGil
Man at North entrance200**
Woman at South entrance1500*
Woman with bouncing kid1000**
Woman with red bandanna1500*
Man sitting on right end of the bench1000**
Woman just below the Save Point1500*
Man in lower left corner2000*
Man sitting on the stairs1500*
Girl in upper right corner2000*
Boy to the right of lowest Hypello2000*
Only woman on this screen2000*
Only man on this screen500**
First man on the side of the road1500*
Man near old woman2000*
* - Recommended Buyers
** - Non-Recommended Buyers

Location: Macalania Woods
Find Donga and Pukutak somewhere in the woods. They have taken the form of whirling circles of butterflies. Enter the circles and they will return to their true forms.
Objective: Meet with Donga and Pukutak

Run throughout Macalania woods and find all five missing musicians. Look for rings of butterflies, when you find one, run through it and they will appear! Don't forget to talk to them. Return to the band leader and the Hypello to clear this mission.

Side Quest # 11: CLEAN SWEEP
Location: Calm Lands
Sweeping out those nasty fiends!
Objective: Clear out the former Fiend Arena of it's fiends for Clasko and his Chocobo Ranch

A Deathproof Accessory would be invaluable here with Queen Coeurl. Not all fiends are real; some fiends are only an illusion. Touching an illusionary fiend will cause it to vanish. Only one real fiend appears at a time. Any other fiends you see are illusions. The illusionary fiends will mostly face the direction of the real fiend, however, sometimes they won't seem to. There are six fiends within the Arena, so hunt them down and help Clasko start up his Chocobo Ranch!

Location: Zanarkand Ruins
The matchmaking Gullwings help preserve Zanarkand from tourists!
Objective: Pair up the monkeys with their proper partners.

This one is simple. Head to the Zanarkand Ruins in Chapter 3 and talk to Isaaru. He'll tell you about the Monkeys, which will start this Mini-Game.

Monkey Match-Up Guide
Birch & Sequoia
Spring & Autumn
Dusky & Dawne
Rosemary & Thyme
Terran & Skye
Minni & Maxx
Summer & Winter
Peke & Valli
Canis & Felina
Arroh & Quivrr
Golde & Sylva
Luna & Sol
If you can finish this, you get the Soul of Thamasa accessory.

Side Quest # 13: MACHINA MAYHEM
Location: Mi'ihen Highroad
The machina deployed along the Mi'ihen Highroad have started attacking innocent people. Take out the machina and restore peace to the Highroad!
Objective: Get rid of the malfunctioning Machina!

Destroy more Machina than a rival group of hunters. The green blocks on the mini-map are the malfunctioning Machina, hunt them down quickly!

Side Quest # 14: SECURE THE AGENCY
Location: Lake Macalania
Destroy the fiends that have attacked the Travel Agency! There's no time to heal between battles, so you'll just have to withstand them.
Objective: Finish six battles without rest.

This is the way the battles will go:
1st and 4th battle VS Rhyos & Vertigo;
2nd and 5th battle VS 3x Barbuta;
3rd and 6th battle VS Barbuta & Flan Blanco.
It's rough without any sort of healing in between, but if you're prepared, and have paid off O'aka's Debt, the rewards are good.

Location: Various
Capture the Cactuar Gate Keepers in order to summon the Great Haboob!
Objective: Find all 10 Cactuars hiding all over Spira.

1st: Back in the Al Bhed Camp, talk to the pilot and select [Oasis]. The cactuar is here. Touch the Cactuar and complete the mini-game (doesn't matter if you win) and the needles are yours. Now that you have it, return to the Al Bhed camp, talk to the pilot again and this time select [Cactuar Nation]. Back in the cactus area approach the green-boxed one and talk with it to officially confirm the catch. Now another cactus will turn green... talk to it and onto the 2nd Cactuar.
2nd: You'll need to pay a visit to Besaid's beach (as long as you don't enter the village, the storyline mission will wait). The cactuar is taking a sunbath there; make sure you make a drop on it!
3rd: Guadosalam is next. Enter the Chateau and go into the secret area where you had your last fights against the Syndicate. In Ormi's room you'll spot a funny chest... if you shoot the chests during this cact-war, you may receive an item!
4th: On the bridge area between Mt. Gagazet and the Calm Lands, you'll find two Cactuars riding on a chocobo...
5th: Same as the 4th Cactuar.
6th: Near Tower #9 (aka. the shelter tower) in the Thunder Plains. This is as far as we can go for Chapter 3.
7th: It's hiding all the way on Kilika. As you enter Kilika forest, go like this: North over the bridge, then East. Pay attention now! The first tree you'll see bending over the water is your cue - a mark to press O will appear in lower right, so do it. Get all needles you need up here.
8th: Head to Mt. Gagazet. If you already got Episode Complete for Gagazet, you'll appear near the top, in which case you need to drop down, then go right. Make it to Prominence: there's a spot of greenery to be found here. If you haven't achieved Episode Complete yet, you'll appear at the base of Gagazet: in this case use the warp pad here, then it's just few more steps up until you reach the clearing mentioned before.
9th: At Kilika in Dona's house. Shooting the Magic Pot will occassionally award you with an item.

The Last Cactuar
Save at the Save Point, and then proceed deeper into the dungeon via the simple path. On your way you'll fight three battles (No Encounters doesn't work here) - you can escape from first two, but you need to win the third against Heavy Sallet. After you beat Heavy Sallet, you'll come to the first crossroad. Take North East path first to grab a chest, then return to the first crossroad and take the South East path and continue going. On your way you'll have to jump into sand pit: you're given 60 seconds to make it out of the pit. You can retry as many times as you like: even if the sands catch you, Yuna will appear somewhere else in the dungeon unharmed. Use the opportunity to ransack the handful of chests in this dungeon. Just before the end of sand pit you'll need to climb two ledges, then jump across to West ledge and from here make a jump to North ledge, which also means you're out of the sandpit! Now continue your exploration and you'll run into the 10th Cactuar... Engage in battle against the Jumbo Cactuar.
NOTE: This mission ends with the 6th Cactuar and continues in the 5th Chapter before the SHOWDOWN IN THE SANDS side quest with the 7th cactuar.

Side Quest # 16: TOURIST TRAP
Location: Calm Lands
Help the tourists!
Objective: Rescue the tourists from the fiends in the hidden cave.

Find all 15 tourists inside the Cavern of the Fayth while beating on the fiends that reside there.

Side Quest # 17: BATTLE BLOCKADE
Location: Mt. Gagazet
Stop Garik and the other Ronso from waging war on the Guado!
Objective: Fight Garik Ronso and defeat him.

For this mission, you'll have to climb Mt. Gagazet since Garik froze the Warp Pads. Depending on whether you answered the Ronso' questions or not (and if the answers were correct), then this battle may be easy or hard. If you answered correctly, then it's an easier Garik and one Ronso Youth, if not, then it's a harder Garik and two Ronso Youth that you'll have to take out.

Side Quest # 18: FOLLOW THAT MOOGLE!
Location: Luca
Kupo? Follow me for an Episode Complete, Kupo!
Objective: Run around Luca after a Moogle.

This mission will be a cinch. You'll start in the square, catch it and when it leaves, go to the bridge and talk to it again. Follow it again to the 2nd dock where it's hiding in front of the ship that's there. That's all!

Side Quest # 19: RIN'S MYSTERY
Location: Mi'ihen Highroad
Find the culprit!
Objective: Out of five suspects, find the person who caused the trouble on Mi'ihen Highroad.

Throughout Chapters 3 - 5 if you've been helping Rin find out who made the Machina go crazy, you will find out in Chapter 5. Depending on who you capture, you may get to ride Chocobos or not. There's a hidden cave on Mi'ihen Highroad that you can find with a level 5 Chocobo from the Chocobo Ranch

Location: Mushroom Rock Road
Defeat the Youth League's finest in a no-holds-barred fight to the finish! Do you have what it takes? Commander Lucil will be the judge of that.
Objective: Win 7 battles in a row.

The first four battles are broken up, so after the fourth battle, healing is recommended since the next three fights are consecutive. Beating Lucil is the end of the battles and you earn an Episode Complete!

Location: Djose
Prove your strength by smashing the Machine Faction's masterpiece: Spira's most powerful machina weapon?
Objective: Defeat the Experiment

After victory you receive AL BHED PRIMER KEY ITEM. You will learn that you can fight Experiment again, but you need to find the repair manuals. There's five of them in total:

1. Cloister of Trials: in the room with five pedestals you needed to push back in CH3 there's a man standing silently; input password MARNELA to get first manual, THE SPIRIT OF RECYCLING KEY ITEM
2. Living Quarters 1: simply talk to seated Al Bhed to obtain HOW TO REPAIR WITH SOUL KEY ITEM
3. Temple: in the north east end of the screen you'll see three monkeys; stand between them and patiently wait until the three of them start jumping at the same time; as soon as they do, punch X to receive REPAIRING FOR DUMMIES KEY ITEM
4. Open up the passage to the Calm Lands Ruin Depths, which is located in the Chocobo ranch. One of the chests inside holds THE ABC'S OF REPAIRS KEY ITEM
5. Mi'ihen area: examine all of the machinas running around in the entire area of Mi'ihen; one holds EVERYMAN'S REPAIR MANUAL KEY ITEM

Guess what? There's more digging too. Getting the Experiment's Attack, Defense and Special to level five is the key. Here's a table of the points needed.
Assembly Type & PointsPoint Range
ASSEMBLY TYPE Z = 5 Points0 - 3 Points = Level 1
ASSEMBLY TYPE S = 3 Points4 - 9 Points = Level 2
ASSEMBLY TYPE A = 1 Point10 - 19 Points = Level 3
 20 - 37 Points = Level 4
 38+ Points = Level 5

Once you've done that, head for the Antechamber and talk to the Al Bhed and let the fight commence!

Side Quest # 22: A FALLEN GENIUS?
Location: Thunder Plains
Frenzied fiends are feeding off the energy stored in the lightning rod towers. Destroy every last one of the fiends clinging to the towers.
Objective: Defeat the fiends at each tower.

The white triangles on the mini-map are the location of the fiends causing trouble with the lightning towers. Thankfully, you can stop in at the Rin's Travel Agency while destroying the 9 Rhyos'. When that is over with, save your progress and fight Humbaba. Once that's done, there's a hidden dungeon you can enter to find Cid. There is plenty of treasure down here so keep coming back and looking around. Be careful, though, since getting lost is easier than you think.

Location: Bikanel
The fiend that was ousted from the Cactuar Nation is raiding the Al Bhed camp! Wipe it out once and for all... Gullwings style.
Objective: Defeat Angra Mainyu

Angra Mainyu and it's minions, Tawrich and Zawrich are the toughest fiends you will ever face. Make sure you heal and save when you're allowed to return to the Celcius before you take them on since this will be one really nasty fight.

Congratulations! That's all the side quests! Hope you have fun doing them!