Welcome to the codes area, for all your cheating needs!

In some instances, Heroes will need to be opened in "Game Cheat Mode".
This is done by opening a DOS prompt and typing: HEROES2W/NWC
This is called "Debug Mode"

Cheat Codes:
While playing a scenario, type one of the following codes. Note: Enabling certain codes will label you as a cheater on the high score screen.

During Play

Win scenario 911
Lose scenario 1313
Last level 1911
Display entire map 8675309
Increased luck during battles 123456789
Instant exploring 101495
Additional gold 101111
Additional gems 899101
Additional ore 844691
Additional crystals 844690
Gain 100 Titans1134
Gain 100 ArchMages1135
Gain 100 Steel Golems1136
Gain 100 Rocs1137
Gain 100 Halfings1138

Map screen

Five Black dragonsSelect a hero with an open slot,
then type 32167 on the map screen.
This may be repeated for the other heroes in the party.
Note: This code cannot be enabled in towns or castles.