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Update Announcements:

• Update #9: Servers
4.21.2008     Update by TrkJac

RPGClassics changed servers. With the new server came a new page template. The site was all messed up until today when I finished altering all of the necessary code.

• Descendants of Campaigns
5.14.2007     Update by TrkJac

The walkthrough for the "Descendants" Campaign from the expansion is now finished. Expect the other three to be done shortly.

• Removed Glitches
3.31.2007     Update by TrkJac

I fixed the glitches around several of the finished pages. These included some mis-spelled words and information mix-ups. Still working on those expansion walkthroughs, though. Some of them are quite difficult to beat without cheats, which is something I try to avoid.

• Yearly Update?! 2007
1.27.2007     Update by TrkJac

Hey-oh to you-ohs! Just finishing up the costs, plugging in some images for each hero, fixing the spasm on that tech tree, and writing up the walkthroughs for the expansion. Out of that, I've finished the heroes, the costs page, and the tech tree. Yep, that's about it. Plus I took out that silly image at the bottom.

•Welcome 2006! Here is a gift for the New Year
1.02.2006     Update by TrkJac

For the New Year, the update is a couple of completed campaign walkthroughs. Both of the original campaigns are finished. Now, take something for that hangover and read them.

•Attack of the killer...um...teachers?
10.08.2005     Update by TrkJac

Alrighty, I've finished up everything except the campaigns(they're being written as they are being beaten). I've also decided to add a "Costs" page, which will take me awhile as it will be the largest of the pages. Unforunately, school is also back insession, and with 3 AP courses, an Honors, and an ROP course, along with extra-curriculars, I'm not going to have excessive amounts of free time to pour into this. I will however, work on it whenever I get the chance(and it just so happens that my ROP course is Graphic Design: ) ).

•Just a bit more...
08.20.2005     Update by TrkJac

Okay, I have almost everything finished. Finished things include the Artifacts, Castles, Codes, Creatures, Heroes, Map Editor, Skills, and Spells pages. All I have left to do is finish up the campaign walkthroughs and three tech trees and it'll be finished!

•Kinda sorta
08.14.2005     Update by TrkJac

Yay! I have all the pages up...there just not quite finished yet. The artifacts page is complete, the campaigns are almost finished being written, but aren't up yet(but isn't my game based idea cool?!?!), the castles are all up - descriptions - might change, codes page is complete, creatures page is on its way, heroes page is finished, map editor page is finished, skills is being written, spells page is just about there, and the tech tree is being written. There you have it! The not quite finished, but almost there, Heroes of Might and Magic II shrine!

•So it begins...
05.10.2005     Update by TrkJac

Well, I started making the shrine today. This is all that's up, but I'm putting lots more up, also! Stay Tuned!

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