This is the spells page. The spells are set into levels as they appear in Mage Guilds. To see which spells your hero has, open up that hero's statistics window and double click on the spell book. The small fold on the top right and left of the page are the "Next Page" and "Previous Page" buttons.

Spells - Level 1Effects
Bless Causes the target unit to inflict maximum damage.
Blood Lust Increases a unit's attack power.
Cure Removes all negative spells on one of your units and restore up to 5HP per Spell power level.
CurseCauses the selected creature to inflict minimal damage.
Dispel Magic Removes all magic spells from a single target.
HasteIncreases the speed of any creature by two.
Magic ArrowCauses a magic arrow to strike the selected target.
SlowSlows the targeted creature to half movement rate.
StoneskinIncreases the defense skill of the targeted creature.
View MinesCauses all mines across the land to become visible.
Spells - Level 2Effects
BlindPrevents the selected creature from moving.
Cold RayDrains the heat from the selected creature.
Death RippleDamages all living(non-undead) in the battle.
Disrupting RayReduces an enemy unit's defense by three.
Dragon SlayerIncreases a unit's attack skill against dragons.
HauntHaunts a mine you control with ghosts. The mine will stop producing.
Lightning BoltCauses a lightning bolt to strike the se;lected target
Summon BoatSummons the nearest, unnocuppied, friendly boat to an adjacent shore location. A friendly boat is one that you just built or were the most recent player to occupy.
SteelskinIncreases the defense skill of a target. This is the improved form of Stoneskin.
View ArtifactsCauses all artifacts across the land to be visible.
Spells - Level 3Effects
Anti-MagicPrevents harmful magic against selected creature.
Animate DeadResurects damaged or dead Undead units permanately.
Cold RingDrains body heat from all units around the center point. Does not include the center point.
Death Wave Damages all linving(non-undead)units in battle. This is an improved version of Death Ripple.
FireballCauses a massive fireball to erupt in the selected area. Damages all nearby creatures.
Holy WordDamages all undead in battle.
Mass BlessCauses all of your units to inflict maximun damage.
Mass CurseCauses all enemy units to inflict the minimum amount of damage.
Mass DispelRemoves all magic spells from creatures.
Mass HasteIncreases speed of all friendly units by 2.
Paralyze The targeted creatures are paralyzed, unable to move or retaliate.
Spells - Level 4Effects
Chain Lightning Causes a bolt of electrical energy to strike a selected creature, then the next nearest with half damage, then the next nearest creature with half again damage, and so on, until it becomes to weak to be harmful. WARNING: THIS SPELL CAN EFFECT YOUR OWN CREATURES!
Elemental StormMagic elements rain down upon the battle field, damaging all creatures.
FireblastAn improved version of fireball. Fireblast affects the two hexes around the centerpoint of the spell, rather than one.
Meteor ShowerA rain of rocks strikes an area of the battlefield, damaging all nearby creatures.
Mass ShieldHalves damaged received from ranged units on all of your units.
Mass SlowSlows all enemies to half movement rate.
Set Air GuardianSets Air Elementals to guard a mine against enemy armies.
Set Fire GuardianSets Fire Elementals to guard a mine against enemy armies.
Set Earth GuardianSets Earth Elementals to guard a mine against enemy armies.
Set Water GuardianSets Water Elementals to guard a mine against enemy armies.
Town GateReturns caster to castle or town currently owned.
Spells - Level 5Effects
ArmageddonHoly terror strikes the battlefield, causing severe damage to all creatures.
Dimension DoorAllows the caster to magically transport to a nearby location.
HypnotizeBrings a single enemy unit under your control for one combat round if its hits are less than 25 times the caster's spell power.
Mirror ImageCreates an illusionary unit that duplicates one of your existing units. This illusionary unit will do the same damage, but will vanish if damaged.
Summon Earth ElementalSummons and temporarily adds an Earth Elemental to your troops.
Summon Air ElementalSummons and temporarily adds an Air Elemental to your troops.
Summon Fire ElementalSummons and temporarily adds a Fire Elemental to your troops.
Summon Water ElementalSummons and temporarily adds a Water Elemental to your troops.